Cayucos & Laguna Lake bh
Nuthouse/Chief  Tuesday Chris
Monday, 12/24 SD
Nordhoff Sled Ride SD
Skyport Dan
Chief's/Skyport Dan
Re: Nordhoff/Skyport SD
Sat, 12/22 SD
Bypass to Biltmore SD
Flew the coop Sarah
Sun, 12/16 SD
Carmelina SD
S5,M3,AS Benson
Re: S5,M3,AS Forger
Mistral 2 Ron
Fun day in Ojai T. Pipkin
Sat 12/15 Brotherhood SD
Weekend Weather SD
Wilcox Lunch, 12/11 K Dumain
wilcox pic ze
SIV and Me Sharon
Sat, 12/8, Topa SD
Nordhoff SD
Nordhoff, Group 2 Dan
Group 2 Dan
Friday Night SD
:0) Trifko
Sat, 12/1 SD
Nut House Overcast SD
SE ?? SD
Nuthouse T. Pipkin
Flying Fri Ed S
I am Home ED S
Tues@Skyport Dan
Pictures!! Chad
Mon, 3 Musketeers @ Skyport Dan
Sun, 11/25, Parma RF
Balboa School Southside
Post Frontal x2 SD
8 am report SD
Skyport Friday Ron Faoro
Skyport X2 Dan
Re: Outsoaredy Benson
The Anti-Report Chris
Anti-Report Contd. Chris
Flyn' in San Diego? Sarah C
Wilcox Sarah
Kagel Sarah
Little Black Sarah
Traveln' Torrey Sarah
Visiting Pilots Peter Warren
Guests Dan
Wing Walking Chad
USHGA 100.05, Traffic SD
Life Endangered Kent Dyer
Re: Endangered Zvi
what can I say Dan
Mid-Air Dan
both good pilots Sarah
Re: Mid-Air Chad
Re: Mid-Air Dan
Cheifs on Tues... Ed S
Chief Report Chris
Re: Chief Bruce
Monday Flying Ed s
New Gliders at Skyport Benson
S5/Sport Dan
Chief Fri? Bruce
buuuuuumpy Chris
Re: Chief  report Ed S
Flying Wed or Thurs? Forger
Grade today at 1pm Forger
Re: Flying Wed or Thurs? Ed S
Flying and Observations Chris
SkyPort Tues Dan
Re: Observations ED S
Friday@Chiefs Dan
Las Vegas T. Pipkin
Re: Las Vegas Bruce
Pine 11/7 Chris
Chiefs Randall
Super Chief Dan
One more time! Chris
Dumont Dunes 10/31 Randall
Wed, 10/31 SD
Re:About Noon Dan
Lunch Hour SD
Eliminator Ed S
obvious newby question Mike
Re: Newby Question Forger
Post Frontal ? Southside
Skyport Crew from Ojai ED S
Re: Skyport Bruce
Re: Wednesday Chris
Re: Wed, 10/31 Dan
Glorious Skyport RF
Thanks SA Parajames
casa blanca Tom Beidler
Re: Glorious Dragisha
Re: Skyport Dan
We saw you! Sarah C
Looks GOOD at chiefs... Ed S
Chief's Chris
Chief's, sunday Tm.P.
Marshall Friday Randall
Sunday flying? Forger
Re: Sunday flying? Jeffy
WW 121 Forger
Grade @ noon? Forger
Re: Sunday flying? Chris
We're Back Dan
Re: We're Back Bruce
N'pas bien Dan
Thermic? Chris
Re: N'pas bien Dan
Re: THS Landing benson
Re: THS Landing Bruce
Re: THS Hesham
Re: THS Hesham
Visiting Pilot Rink
Gone Fishing Dan
Seaman Tom Tom P.
Friday, 10/19 SD
High Clouds SD
400' over Wilcox Sarah C
Potatoes SD
chips-n-dips Sarah
Big Sur? Chris
Chiefs weekend benson
Piute Sun 10/14 Hesham
Re: Piute Sun 10/14 Randall
Sat, 10/13 SD
Topa SD
Weekend Weather SD
Update SD
Owens Chris
Kari Castle? Randall
Kari's info  T Beidler
Re: Owens Dan
Road Trip 10/5-10 K Dumain
"Designer in Flight" Sarah C
Re: Road Trip 10/5-10 Parajames
Sunday 10-7 Dan
Big Sur Labor Day Sarah C
new URL Sarah C
Sat 10/6 Hesham
Marshall 10/6 Hesham
Owens, Oct. 13th & 14th T. Pipkin
Logistics Chris
Re: Sharon
Re: Mike
Re: Sarah C
Re: Mike
Re: Sarah
To All pilot's Ed S
Mon 10/1 & Wed 10/3 Chris
Re: Ojai Flow SD
Miswording Chris
Mon, 10/1, Pine Diablo
Blackhawk Southside
Friday, 10/5 Mike
Neighbors, Sunday Secretary
Sun, 9/30, Pine Diablo
Chief's for us mortals 9/30 Dan
Chief's, 8,100' Tom P
Late Day Chiefs Chris
Chopper #2 GeneJock
Chiefs Benson
Sat, 9/29 SD
Topa, 9,400' SD
XC Work RF
Fri@Ojai Dan
Ojai Dan
Tues, 9/25, SB Diablo
Climb/Fly attempt Brendan
Re: Climb/Fly Len
Mt. Baden-Powell? Forger
Availability Brendan
Weekend? Reader
Re: Weekend? Chris
9/22, Sat, Equinox SD
Kagel to Azusa SD
Back in the air! Sarah C
oh yes... Sarah C
Sat, 9/15 SD
Nut House Solo SD
Let's go to the Owens Dan
It is happening Dan
catch ya'll next time Sarah C
Crew, Oct 12 & 13 Ed S
Oct 13 & 14th Tom Beidler
Hominid photographie Sarah C
when matters Sarah C
Re: Oct 6 & 7 Noel
Re: October K Dumain
Back to SoCal soon Forger
CSS Fly-IN Sarah C
Postponed Sarah C
Big Sur Adventure Sarah C
Chief's Sat/Sun Dan
Monday, 9/3 SD
Pine to Cal Tran's Dan
Pine @ 10:30 SD
Thunder SD
Epic Day at Ehlings, 9/1 K Dumain
Available for chase ED S
Big Sur --this weekend Sarah C
Pine Sunday Benson
Re: Pine Sunday ZE
Weekend Weather SD
Contest Southside
Sat, 8/25 SD
Pine SD
Re-direct SD
Marshall 8/25 Hesham
Chief Silk GeneJock
Re: Chief Silk Zvi
Re: Chief Silk SD
reply Genejock
Re: spin? SD
Marshall 8/19 Hesham
Sunday, 8/19 Benson
Re: Pine Benson
Gotta love Kagel Sarah C
Re: Gotta love Kagel Jim M
for UP fans... Sarah C
Sat, 8/18, moving up SD
57 miles SD
Topa Chase SD
Friday @ Pine Dan
Re: Friday @ Pine GeneJock
Chief's x2 Dan
August 25th Southside
Wed, 8/15, Weather Alert SD
Re: Weather SD
Re: Weather K Dumain
Flying with Jockey Benson
Re: Flying with Jockey bh
Black Hawk  8/12/01 Brendan
Re: Black Hawk Parajames
Sat, 8/11, Alternator Dusties K Dumain
Re: wind conditions? Sarah C
Sat, 8/11, Pine to Nordhoff Tom Pipkin
Sun, 8/12, Pine SD
Easy NS SD
Re: Sun, 8/12, Pine Matt C
Mon, 8/6, Black Hawk SD
ownership Sarah C
Re: Ownership SD
Saturday and Sunday Benson
Airborne in Vietnam Tom B
Re: Vietnam Sarah C
Day Two in Vietnam Tom B
Re: Vietnam Forger
Cumi's at pine etc... ed s
Re: Cumi's Zvi
PINE on Thurs Ed S
Re: PINE on Thurs Matt C
Re: Hey Claude ED S
Re: Hey Claude
Re: Comp Benson
Sat, 7/28 Bacilli's @ 10 John
Alternator 7/22 SA
Ojai comp Claude fiset
Pine Mountain Weekend Ron Faoro
Re: Weekend Benson
2 nites/3days at Pine Dan
^+.+^ Sarah C
Re: Pine Mt. Weekend BH
Fast Eddie T. Pipkin
Re: Fast Eddie Sharon
our guide Dan
Re: Guardian Kristi
Ojai Sat, Pine Mtn. Sun BH
Accidents 'doc'
Re: Subject Accidents Casey
Marshal On Sunday!~! ED S
Re: Marshal  7/15 Hesham
Re: Marshal Hesham
Nordoff H.S. RF
Good Day Ed S
Blackhawk Southside
Nordhoff, 7/8 T. Pipkin
Re:Pine, 7/8 Benson
Figeroa 7/4 K Dumain
Pine Mt to Little Lake Diablo
Wilcox 7/4 Tom Beidler
Chiefs/Pine ED S
Sunday, 7/1, 9:30 Nordhoff SD
Last but not least! Sharon
Guillermo Meadow SD
Pine Bill Bailey
A hike in the mountains Dan
Airborne Ed S
OTB Benson
July Cumulus RF
Re:  7/4 Southside
Sat. 6-30 Tom Pipkin
Chief's Dan
Flying, Thursday-6/28-... Forger
Skyport, Sunday 6/24 SA
Chiefs, Sunday, 6/24  Dan
Re: Chiefs Sunday Benson
Re: Chiefs Sarah C
Sat, 6/23 SD
Sat, 6/23, Pine SD
Paragliding Worlds K Dumain
Turkey XC Brendan
Final SIV Flight Brendan
Re: Recomend? Tom Beidler
Re: Yes Brendan
Re: Yes!! Zvi
Sat, 6/16 SD
Topa & Pine Sharon
Owens Valley Diablo
145 Miles SD
Pine Saturday Benson
Chief's Friday, 6/15 Dan
Topa / Chiefs ED S
Oludeniz 6/11 Brendan
Sat, 6/9 SD
Sylmar SD
Re: Sylmar K Dumain
Nice day Behind OJAI Ed S
The Grade Forger
Re: The Grade Tom Sorce
Re: The Grade Glenn
Re: XC Forger
Re: The Grade K Dumain
Re: The Grade Forger
Owens, Mem-Weekend Craig
PINEs Epic day ED S
A day to remember Dan
Teamwork SA
Maps  Noel
Humbling place Noel
Plowshare on Thursday, 5/31 Bruce
Wed, 5/30, Pine Noel
Pine Mt ed s
Re: Wed, 5/30, Pine Noel Wade
Re: Wed, 5/30, Pine Noel
Re: Wed, 5/30, Pine Dan
Point of the Mountain Humble Faoro
Demo Daze Benson
Utah Tom Beidler
Utah Humbler Hurlbett
Sat, 5/26, Nordhoff @ 10:15 SD
More Bush than Sky Kristi
Sespe Gorge SD
Pine, North Launch Tom Pipkin
Baggage Boy J.K.
Wed, 5/23 SD
400 miles SD
Re: Wed, 5/23 Bruce
Convergence SD
Mexico/ Torrey Pines Big Dave
Sun 5/20, Nordhoff @ 10 SD
Pine, Wild Ride SD
Plowshares Hike Lee Anne
Plowshares Chris
Sun, Plowshares Craig Warren
Re: Plowshare K Dumain
Sat: First Pine Flights of Season BH
Re: Sat: Pine Benson
Sat 5/19 SD
Re: Improving SD
Re: Improving John Scott
Mt. Everest Jeff Farrell
Re: Mt. Everest Tom Beidler
Paraglide America Jeff Farrell
Plowshares Camp Tony de Groot
Vacation Dan
Re: Vacation Tom B
Thanks For Sharing! Casey
Interesting Afternoon BH
Chasing It SD
For the record... Tom Beidler
Re: Afternoon Tom Beidler
Re: Afternoon Dan
Skyport Wednesday 5/9 SA
Skyport Tuesday 5/7 SA
Happy Canyon Sunday BH
Plowshares Tony de Groot
Skyport Sunday 5/6 SA
Plowshares to NC SD
Smooth Sailing Kristi
Chiefs Fri, Sat & Sun Benson
X C Freq and weekend Flights Ed S
Chiefs 5/5/01 Stall Myster
Sun, 5/6, Plowshares SD
Nordhoff Ed S
Flying in Italy Dan and Sharon
The Grade on Sunday Bob Hurlbett
Rattlesnake warning #2 Forger
Marshall 4/29 Brendan
Plowshares Casey
Marshall 4/28 Brendan
More Mesa Benson
Nut House 4/27 Brendan
Skyport Lunch Hour SD
Re: Nut House 4/27 ED S
Flying in Switzerland Dan and Sharon
Sunday, 4/22 SD
gaggling Brendan
Skyport to Carp SD
4/20, Skyport to Beach SD
Frustrating Casey
4/19, Skyport to Beach SD
Relaxing So. Cal. Coastline Kristi
Torrey Pines Again Kristi
Rattle Snake Warning glenn
Rattlesnake warning #2 Forger
4/15, Rising on Easter RF
Skyport Benson
Re: Debbie glenn
4/14, Saturday Morning SD
La Salinas Kristi
Race to Nordhoff Dan
Skyport / 50 mi SD
Sailing Away Ron Faoro
Plowshares Glenn
Chiefs Benson
Friday the 13, Skyport SD
Hill Records Glenn
Sunday, 4/8 SD
3 years & a stretch SD
Skyport to Ojai SA
Re: Sunday, 4/8 John Scott
Marshall hi-jinks Randall
April Air RF
Awesome Sunday Brendan
Skyport Skying Kristi
Love SB Casey
Sat, 4/7, Rincon to Ventura ~D
Friday 4/6 Skyport Benson
Skyport to Ventura John
Moore Mesa 4/5 Dan
Wilcox ~ Fat K Dumain
Thur 4/5 Skyport SA
La Salina/Torrey Pines Dan
4/3 Tuesday Skyport SD
Sunday, Chief's DK
Mon 4/2 Skyport SA
Sun 4/1 Plowshares   ED S
Keeping the Faith Kristi
Sat 3/31, Chief Road Open Dan
Back to Chiefs Dan
Afternoon Delight Kristi
Chiefs 2001 Benson
Sun, 3/25, Parma @ 11 Hesham
More Mesa Kristi
Solo SD
Cliff Collision BH
Re: Cliff Collision  BB
Nuthouse Tom P.
Change of Pace RF
Sat 3/24 @ Wilcox et al Dan
3/23, Friday, Solimar DK
3/22, Thur, The Grade BH
SkyPort 3/18 Dan
Ocean SD
Marshall 3/18 Hesham
Re: Marshall 3/18 Noel Wade
Sun 3/18 Santa Ynez Valley K Dumain
Sun 3/18 Nordhoff @ 10:30 SD
Nut House to Westmont SD
Wrong Way Faoro RF
Incident at the Nuthouse Benson
Sat 3/17 Skyport Benson
3/16 The Grade Brendan
Thur 3/15 ByPass SA
Tuesday 3/13, Parma @ 10 SA
Skyport to Beach x5+ SD
Mon, Skyport to VOR to Beach  SA
Monday Flying Dan
Sun 3/11 Nordhoff @ 10 Brendan
Sun 3/11 Parma @ 9 SD
OD 5 flights SD
Avenue 3/10 Brendan
Parma @ 10:00 Hesham
Wind DK
Wed 3/7  Skyport to Beach SD
Too Early For BH and RF BH
3/3 Parma Brendan
3/3 Nordhoff @ 8:30 SD
Patience Benson
Nut House to SBCC SD
Wind Shadows? DK
Wind Shadow SD
Whacky Nuthouse Ron Faoro
3/1/01 Beach times four Dan
PD Tandem SD
Re: PD Tandem Chad
Re: Beach Tom Pipkin
More Mesa Between Storms 2/25 BH
Wednesday 2/21 Dan
Friday 2/23 Brendan
Friday at Cayucos BH
Classic Canejo 2/16 Brendan
Lost Radio Brendan
Launched in the snow Dan
Video / Snow Launch Chad
Pics / Snow Launch Dan
Wed, V-day, Parma, 10:00 a.m? BH
Gone to the Beach Dan
Too much east Casey
Snow Day!!! K Dumain
Saturday 15 up - 15 down Kristi
Friday 2/9 More Mesa Benson
Thurs 2/8 Parma @ 11 BH
Alternator Benson
Alternator BH
smooth air Dan
Re:air K Dumain
Sun 2/4 Nordhoff @ 9:30 SD
Flirting BH
Nut to Summit SD
Scratch, Scratch RF
Sat 2/3 Skyport Benson
Fri. 2/2 Skyport BH
2/2 Nut House Brendan
Thurs: 2/1 Butterfly  BH
2/1 Nut House Brendan
Sunday 1/28/01 SD
Thermal Turb SD
Re: Asymmetric K Dumain
To Fillmore SD
Another Cloudy Day Ron Faoro
Re: Another Day Casey
Re: Another Day Dan
Nice Cloud Street BH
Parma @ 9 SD
Sat 1/27 9:15 Parma Dan et al
The Avenue Brendan
1/25 SkyPort Dan
SP to Polo Fields Casey
Re: SkyPort SD
5 Days on the Road Dan
Re: Golden BC Brendan
Sun 1/21 Blown Out? B Hurlbett
Sledders at Solamar BH
Re: Solamar Brendan
Sat 1/20 Nordhoff @ 9:45 SD
Skyport SA
Skyport Casey
Spin SD
Re: Spin RF
The Alternator  K Dumain
Conejo Art
Nut House Crawl  B Hurlbett
Nut House to Carp SD
Wed 1/17 Skyport Benson
Wild Weekend Ron Faoro
Sunday 1/14 Parma @ 9:15 SD
The Bypass Benson
Bypass, Deploy, Carp  SD
Observation K Dumain
Witness Benson
Observation Tom Beidler
Saturday 1/13 Parma @ 8:45 SD
Skyport to Fillmore SD
Oahu flying Sharon
Oahu  Dan Keyser
Pictures SD
Sunday 1/7 Parma @ 11 SD
Trees SD
Saturday, 1/6 ?? SD
Chief Peak Zvi
Saturday, Parma @ 11 Ron Faoro
Saturday, Skyport SD