Revision History Index

Action Date Link Description & Link to details
Add 5/17/2018 skew-t Tutorial add skew-t tutorial link to model info page
Note 11/6/2014 Update Notes General Update
Remove 11/6/2014 Observation Info Page Observation Map of Stations on ObservationInfo Page
Enhance 11/6/2014 La Cumbre Peak Add additional "3" link for La Cumbre Peak
Return 10/25/13 Update Notes Partially restore Wind Vector Analyses link
Update 7/20/13 wrh.noaa Add alternate links / wrh.noaa frame restrictions
Note 4/18/13 Browser IE 10 Compatibility View Note
Remove 4/18/13 Wind Vectors Remove Link / provider discontinued support
Remove 2/9/13 Ronda Remove Link / station no longer maintained
Update 2/9/13 Piru Observation Fix Broken Link
Update 2/9/13 Ojai Observation Fix Broken Link
Add 2/18/12 Buoy Stations Added direct links for The Pier and the Mid Channel Buoy
Add 2/16/12 EagleCam Web Cam Showing the RnR and The Factory
Review 1/1/12 Review  Notes Link Verification
Add 12/29/10 MesoWest Map Similar to other Station Maps, but showing larger area
Add 12/29/10 Wiley Ridge SE of Fillmore / for Mark Pratt
Add 4/11/10 Zone Forecast SB Mts Add Zone Forecast for Santa Barbara Mts
Update 4/11/10 Zone Forecast Map Replace 2 broke links with 1 good link
Update 4/2/10 Winds Aloft Info Revise Info Data
Update 4/2/10 Conversion Calculator Update Link to conversion caluculator
Update 4/2/10 Geo Maps Update Link to US Forest Service Maps
Update 4/2/10 vgb radar Vandenberg Radar
Update 4/2/10 sulfer mt radar Sulfer Mountain Radar
Update 4/2/10 So Cal Discussion Replace old link with new, can also use alternate link
Delete 4/2/10 Skew-T Tutorial Delete Broken Link
Update 8/17/08 Rhonda Replace old link with new link supplied by Rob Milley
Update 8/17/08 Coordinate Converter Replace bad link with valid alternative
Update 8/17/08 Wind Vectors Replace old link with validated alternate URL
Update 8/17/08 Temp Forecast Retarget to open in new window
Update 8/17/08 Zone Forecast Replace all forecast links with current URL
Update 7/30/07 Tides Replace bad link with valid alternative
Update 6/4/07 Radar Site Map Replace bad link with valid alternative (but not a map)
Update 6/4/07 Tides Replace bad link with valid alternative
Add 6/4/07 Black Hawk Sounding Added Black Hawk Sounding Interpolation
Add 6/4/07 Lone Pine Sounding Added Lone Pine Sounding Interpolation
Remove 6/4/07 Broken Link Remove broken link for sounding interpolation index
Update 6/4/07 Distance Calculator Replace bad link with valid alternative
Update 6/4/07 Conversion Calculator Replace bad link with valid alternative
Add 10/21/06 La Cumbre Peak Web link to La Cumbre Peak
Add 9/20/06 Fire Maps
Geo Maps
Fire Map Satellite Images
Geo Maps / Downloadable tiff images
Update 8/15/06 Multiple General inspection and link repair
Updated 3/29/06 List Resource broken links
Added 3/6/06 Distance Calculator Distance Calculator based on Coordinates
Added 11/9/05 Rhonda Remote Weather Station Project in process
Added 9/18/05 Local Coordinates Listed Some Local Coordinates to use with Skew-T
Added Coordinate Converter Excel Workbook
Added 9/18/05 Coordinate Converter
Revised 9/18/05 Winds Aloft Info Update obsolete links to new AWC links
Revised the Winds Aloft Info Page
Clarified the Airspeed Calculation Page
Update 8/25/05 Winds Aloft Links
Added 6/16/05 Skew-T & Model Detail:
Skew-T graphs and other models
Interpolated Balloon Soundings
Blackhawk observations
Updated 6/16/05 Plowshares
Added 6/16/05 Balloon Soundings
Added 6/14/05 Observation Links
Update 10/23/04 Observation Links Cleaner Links and additional Plowshares link
Update 10/6/04 many links Massive update due to NWS shuffle on 10/6/04
Added 1/2/04 Maps/CRWS Jetstream Maps
Added 4/10/03 Observation/Plowshare New Plowshare Weather Station
Added 4/10/03 Conversion Calculator NOAA Link to Common Meteorological Conversions
Add 3/15/03 Observations/Wind Interpolated wind vectors for the South Coast
Update 3/4/03 Providers Updated and verified Provider Links
Add 3/4/03 Zone frcst/usairnet Edwards suggestion regarding usairnet
Archive 3/4/03 Winds Aloft/Chart/ ? Archived Bruce's Excel Worksheet Info
Update 3/4/03 Winds Aloft / ? Update Winds Aloft Info Link
Add 9/21/02 Zone frcst/Z Map NE Zone map to our NE (Owens etc)
Remove 9/21/02 Zone frcst/Zone Map2 Discontinued Link
Suspend 5/1/02 Wind Aloft/Chart pending revision
Add 4/26/02 Wind Aloft/Chart & ? Excel Worksheet for Predicting the LR
Add 9/23/01 Maps/Satellite/Local Undergound Weather Picture, Daytime only
Add 9/23/01 Zone frcst/Zone Map2 Additional Map of Zone Forecast (trial?)
Modify 9/23/01 URL Links Replace links page with instruction page