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The Surface Wind Vector Analyses is grouped in the SCPA Weather Page link list under observations.
The graphic appears to be a product produced for the Point Magu Offshore Weapons Range, but it's support is questionable and the data is noted to be unverified.  The links listed in the graphic and additional included reference information do not resolve, possibly by design at the direction of the military for security reasons.
The admin email listed as of 10/2013 is Lee Eddington,


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From: Tom Truax []
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 10:42 AM
Subject: Surface Wind Vectors Analysis Archive ?

Lee Eddington, good morning.

My name is Tom Truax. I maintain the weather page for the Hang Glider and Paraglider Pilots at

Is there a link to an archive of the Surface Wind Vector PNG files?

We had been using a link to the Surface Wind Vectors graphic
since 2003. Back in April of 2013, the link would no longer resolve, however a recent review showed the link is resolving again, but with a disclaimer watermark. Missing on the new page is a link to the archive.

Our fling sports are very weather dependant, and we are continually striving to better understand our local meteorology. Many pilots will often review the days weather after flying. For example, I include links to the days weather in my flight log. For reference, one of my flights showing the archive of the Wind Vectors is posted at

We understand the graphic is unverified interpolated data, but it is a simple intuitive tool to help visualize the progression through the day. Without access to the archive, our ability to review the days development is compromised.

An assistance would be appreciated
Sincerely, Tom Truax 805 680-7727 cell