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NWS Links Issue
As of July 2013, the WRH.NOAA Links will only open in a new window or a new tab
We inserted alternate links if we could find something similar,
and where no alternates were found, the links open in a new target window or tab

items in blue are links
click on question marks  ?   for information / help
links will change color to magenta after access

single click items preceded by    to toggle a sub menu

items that are not colored (and not submenus) are not currently linked

This is a frames page so you can have a quick reference links list
click on URL link for address instruction 

Evolution & Revision History:
Most recent revisions
11/6/2014 Test / Repair / Replace / Remove

The weather menu works best with Internet Explorer version 9 or lower.  If your menu does not collapse, we recommend using Internet Explorer to view the weather page or view our notions on [web browser] support.  The menu will not collapse with the release of Internet Explorer 10 or 11, however, you can run IE 11 in Compatibility View, which will enable the collapsibility of the link list.  To configure IE 11 to run in compatibility view, hit the Alt Key to display the old legacy menu.  Select Tools, and then Compatibility View settings.  You can add scpa.info to your list of sites you want to run in compatibility view, or you can choose to display all websites in Compatibility View.

For observations, the data is often available from multiple entities, so we list a primary link plus some alternate links labeled as "2" and "3".  The "3" links need to open in their own window and will not work in a frameset.  We name the window "noaa", so all the "3" links will open in the same window.  It may appear that nothing is happening when you click on a "3" link because a "noaa" window is already open, so check your taps for a National Weather Service window.  We retain the "3" link because it is easier to cut and past into an archive compared to the newer versions which have more elaborate formatting.

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