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*Due to increasing spam and our inability to effectively control it, we have opted to discontinue most of the mail groups and some forwarding as noted below by non linked email addresses on 9/6/06
SCPA Contacts

updated for 2006

Title Email Address To: Will Forward To: Name Phone
All all@scpa.info* All Mail Accounts    
Current Board current_bod@scpa.info* All current officers & directors    
President President@SCPA.info syhomes3@yahoo.com Sharon Sweeney (805) 448-0603 cell
Presidents Presidents@SCPA.info all current & former presidents    
Treasurer Treasurer@SCPA.info bhurlbett@pinskerhurlbett.com Bob Hurlbett (805) 570-8680 cell
Secretary Secretary@SCPA.info syhomes3@yahoo.com Sharon Sweeney (805) 448-0603 cell
Web_Admin@SCPA.info Tom@Truax.com Tom Truax (805) 680-7727 cell
Discussion Page
Primary Moderator
bb_moderator@scpa.info ronelizabethfaoro@msn.com Ron Faoro  
Discussion Page
all Moderators
bb_moderators@scpa.info ronelizabethfaoro@msn.com Ron Faoro (805) 689-2297 cell
GreenMntn@ojai.net Chris Grantham (805) 368-3543 cell
ojaijohn@adelphia.net John Kloer (805) 890-2049 cell
Discussion Page
bb_admin@scpa.info caseyrodgers@gmail.com Casey Rodgers (805) 452-2085 cell
GreenMntn@ojai.net Chris Grantham (805) 368-3543 cell
Tom@Truax.com Tom Truax (805) 680-7727 cell

[Info about scpa.info mail accounts]

The SCPA uses 2 addresses that follow the officers, one for general business, and another for the treasurer.  The treasurer maintains the membership roster, so please send your dues or other contributions directly to the treasurer.

General Business Address                            Treasurer
Sharon Sweeney, Secretary, SCPA
5596 Calle Ocho
Carpinteria,  CA   93013
  Bob Hurlbett, Treasurer, SCPA
1316 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara,  CA   93101
General Business
Bank Account
Dues & other Collections
Official Membership Records

 Note: The pilot directory is not the same as the Membership Roster. We are using the SBSA pilot directory sponsered by Bob Ramey



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