SCPA Email Accounts
updated 1/2006

We use an scpa mail alias to direct mail to the appropriate person or group, like president, or presidents
An alias list can be found on the [contacts] page

Anyone can request a scpa.info email account from an administrator (bb_admin@scpa.info)

The username convention is firstname_lastname@scpa.info

The accounts are POP3/SMTP with a web mail interface.  You can administer you own account by logging into the web mail interface to set options like password, forwarding, spam & content filtering...  When we set up the accounts, we set aggressive filtering because members don't want spam.  If you get spam, you can add keywords to your content filter.

The web mail interface is http://mail.scpa.info

If you prefer to configure your mail client (like Outlook)

If you forget you password, request a new on from an administrator (bb_admin@scpa.info).  After login you can set you password to whatever you want