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SCPA Web Site Member Data Base Wish List


Some of the functionality and features I'd like to see in our web site member database would be:
Categorize data fields or (field group records) as non-restricted, restricted, and administrative

Member can set personal fields or (field group records) as restricted or non-restrictive while editing personal records

Members could select which members can access their restricted data by checking a check box next to a member name on a pop up member list while editing their personal record

Self Registration

Enter USHGA number as password

Note: using USHGA number as password provides only limited security but offers a unique static ID that is easy to remember. We might be able to link to the USHGA database for validation.

Some fields should be required and  validated

like (name), (USHGA number), (USHGA exp date), (Birthday)

Log On 

Required to access data base info section of web site

Administrators would log on using a secure password

Members would log on  matching (last name) with (USHGA number)

Anyone logged on could view non-restricted member info

Restricted data fields & records would return "restricted" if requesting member is not authorized

Queries could be added and modified

Updates and Edits
Member and Administrators may view all member record data with a form that uses data base data for initial field values

Member and Administrator may edit non-administrative member record data

Administrators may edit all member record data

Data Availability
Volunteers building other web stuff could insert components that link to non-restricted member data.
Data Field Record Groups
Some fields need to be grouped together into (field groups)

example:  (address) may contain (street) (city) (state) (zip) (comment)

example:  (phone) may contain (area code) (number) (label) (comment)

Some (fields groups) should be able to list multiple records for each member

reason:  you may want to have more than one address, phone number, or girlfriend

Member should be able to include a (label) and one-line (comment) text box as part of a some (field group records) like address, phone, e-mail.... and girlfriends?

The (label) for the (field group records) could be chosen from a drop down list of standardized choices plus an option to enter a non standard value with limited characters

example1 ( field group record 1 (area code) (phone number) (label) (comments) )
  John Doe (805) 963-1235 / office / 9-5 m,t,th,f

example2  ( field group record 2 (area code) (phone number) (label) (comments) )
John Doe (805) 963-4567 / Sally's / on weekends

Member should be able to set 1st & 2nd defaults in a list of (field group records)

Default (field group records) could be selected from a drop down list showing the (field group records) 

Area Code

Phone numbers should have a separate field for (area code) with 805 as the default

Future developers that reference the data can then choose whether or not they want to include the area code

Queries could return the phone number with or without the (area code)
or  if  805, return number without (area code) / if not 805, return number with (area code)

Other Fields
Text Box field for personal info and news

Member can edit his own text box field after logging on 

Fields for 3 jpg files 

100 x 100 pixels, 200 x 200 pixels, 300 x 500 pixels

Gives future developers standardized material for other web stuff

Birthday, Spouse, Children, Ratings, USHGA exp date, link to personal web site
Administrative Fields

Payment Records, Meeting Attendance Records

Text box for administrative notes

So the list is a bit ambitious and may not be technically feasible or cost effective.  Since it's all volunteer labor, I guess we'll be appreciative of what ever we get.

Maybe we can buy a data base already built and customize it



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