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Fillmore Site Protocol
Updated 1/2011

The Fillmore takeoff is owned by Dr Mark Pratt and Ron Gruell.  Both are paraglider pilots and Ron has a HG legacy dating back to the late 1970s.  Access to launch is though locked gates across 3rd party private property.  Ron and Mark do not own a LZ, so they need to safeguard their neighbor relationships. Options directly below launch are still limited.

Access to launch is by invitation only.
Pilots should contact Mark Pratt (805) 208-1345
or Ron Gruell for more information.

Notation from Mark:   Pilots flying the property need to be accompanied by either myself (Mark) or Ron.  The reason is that if there is a problem with landing on other properties, we would know about it and be able to take care of it.  I have been unsuccessful in securing a LZ for the club.  I have been in negotiation with the owner of the Goodenough LZ for the last two years, but have not been able to agree on a purchase price.  The best LZ would be a sand bar in the Sespe.  All the sand bars to date are on the east side of the river, requiring wading though the river to get to the public access at the end of Grand Ave.  I have offered paying a parking fee to the farmers to get access to the east side. They are thinking about it, but have not given the ok.  If we had a safe secure LZ, we may be able ease the access requirements.