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Round Mountain
updated 1/2014

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Site Map.
Camarillo / Point Hueneme
Novice / Intermediate Low Altitude Ridge / Thermal site


Primary launches are two dirt ramps cleared from the side of the hill facing SW and W. The launches are at about 600 ft. (MSL and AGL), just below a cleared set-up area at the summit of the hill, and are about a 1 : 1 glide to the standard LZ. Both launches are without significant obstructions, but may have brush close by on both sides.


The main LZ is in the stream bed just south of the bridge on Lewis Ave. on the west side of the hill. The LZ is quite long (about 1/4 mile) but only about 60 - 100 feet wide and is generally sand or soft dirt, but may be muddy near the stream. Large high tension lines are at the far south end of the LZ, but are sufficiently far away that they should not be a factor in any reasonable approach. Other flat fields surround the hill on all sides, but are mostly cultivated and not useable for landing.


4WD recommended, but rugged two wheeler with ground clearance may work if the road is dry. Road is moderately rutted and fairly steep dirt.


IMPORTANT: Flying at this site requires notification of Pt. Mugu tower, whose airspace is being penetrated. It is required that all pilots call (805) 989-7677 and inform the tower before flying. Though there is no formal rating requirement for flying this site, a minimum of Hang 2 is recommended.


The hill is basically isolated from any other high terrain and has distinct south, west and north faces. Each face is ridge soarable in the appropriate winds, but the face adjacent to any soarable face may become a rotor-sinkhole in ridge soaring conditions. On unstable days, sufficient thermal activity may be present to get up and jump about a mile east into the Santa Monica mountains and head XC from there. Doing so, however, involves crossing over the Camarillo State Hospital (Asylum) which is not a good place to land. Call Camarillo Airport ATIS (805) 484-3351 for current weather conditions.


Take the 101 freeway into the Camarillo area and exit at Las Posas Rd. heading toward the coast. Follow this road for 3 or 4 miles until the first stop sign at Lewis Ave. Turn left on Lewis and the site is the hill directly ahead. In about half a mile you will pass over a bridge at the LZ. Past the bridge bear left and go another 100 to 200 yards and turn right at gate. Follow dirt road around the side of the hill until you reach dirt track on your right heading to the top.