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Sunday Evening, 8/17/2008

The August SCPA was held at Brendan Pegg’s house

Called to order at 5:50 PM

Minutes Ratified from last meeting held on: 4/15/08

  • Attendance:
    • Brendan Pegg

      Christopher Pegg

      Eddy Scow and girlfriend Rosemary

      John Kloer

      Bob Peloquin

      Robb Milley

      Tom Pipkin


  • Treasurer Report (Bob Hurlbett)
    •  Treasurer Bob Hurlbett reports 433.67.00 in the SCPA account.
  • Old Business

            1) Review of the “pilot introduction to Chiefs” in June. Round table discussion on whether a flight from Chief’s is     appropriate for newly rated P-2 paraglider pilots.
            2) Robb suggested a “ pilot introduction to Pine” in September for P-3 pilots. John agreed to post details under flight discussion.

  • New Business
  • Robb asked for suggestions on ways to improve SCPA meeting attendance. Some recommended solutions include;

    Introduce new pilots to our local mountain sites.

    Promote more mentoring programs.

    Instructors to recruit at the training hill.

    Bob volunteered to look into getting the SCPA a charter membership with USHPA.

    A new agreement is in the works for More Mesa

    Round table discussion on the recent incidents in Malibu.


  • Thanks was given to Brendan for hosting the meeting

    Meeting Adjourned 7:30 PM

    Next Meeting - TBD

    Minutes by Tom Pitkin


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