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Tuesday Evening, 4/15/2008

The SCPA meeting was held  at Bob Hurlbetts house

Called to order at 6:30 PM

  • Attendance:
    • not taken - 40-50 people
  • The Minutes from the previous meeting were approved
  • Treasurer Report (Bob Hurlbett)
    • o Treasurer Bob Hurlbett reports 433.67.00 in the SCPA account.
  • Old Business

            1) Discussion of Propeller field LZ
            2) Skyport improvement status
            3) Robb reports on Rhonda’s status

  • New Business
  • Robb Milley thanks Bob and Sarah for hosting.

    Injury Announcements/updates
    1. Mark Stuckey
    2. Steve Garthwaite
    3. Mike Preston
    4. Eddie Skow
  • Introduction of Bob Drury

    1. Bob Drury gives slide show presentation.

    Meeting Adjourned 10:20 PM

    Next Meeting - Saturday August 2, 2008 @ TBD

    Minutes by Tom Pitkin


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