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Sunday Afternoon, 2/7/2008

The SCPA meeting was held  at Ron and Elizabeth Faoro's

Called to order at 2 PM

  • Attendance:
    • Rob Milley, President
    • Bob Hurlbett, Treasurer
    • Ron Faoro
    • Bo Criss
    • John Kloer
    • Rob Sporrer
    • Benson Lamb
    • Tom PitKin
    • Mark Miyahara
    • Bob Anderson
    • Marge Variono
  • The Minutes from the previous meeting were not ever posted.
  • Treasurer Report (Bob Hurlbett)
    • o Treasurer Bob Hurlbett reports 287.00 in the SCPA account plus $150.00 in received dues.
  • New Business
  • Round table discussion Ojai/Chiefs landing options.

    Robb Milley recommended sharing Santa Barbara weather station costs with the SBSA as well as supporting the SBARC, Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club.

    Bo addressed the increasingly poor condition of the Skyport launch. A number of possible solutions were debated.

    Robb reports that Rhonda has been repaired and is ready for the spring season at Pine.

    A talk on flight safety was given by Ron Faoro. Some key points included;

    1) Carry plenty of food and water.
    2) Mentoring potential XC pilots.
    3) Reserve repack
    4) Know landmarks in case of land out.
    5) Save Search and Rescue # in cell phone, 805 388-4212.
    6) Avoid flying alone.
    7) Assume the worst with an injured pilot; call S&R if needed.
    8) Remember first aid ABCDE. Airway, bleeding, circulation, disability and expose and examine.
    9) Note the time of the crash.

Bo Criss gave a slide presentation on his recent epic flight from Skyport to Santa Ynez.

Rob Sporrer reported on the Monarca and Pre-world comps held in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Eagle Paragliding’s sponsored U.S. team took home the gold in the pre-worlds!

Special Thanks to:
The Faoro family, for hosting the meeting and providing dinner.
  • Next Meeting - Tuesday April 15, 2008 Bob & Sara Hulbett's

    Meeting Adjourned 4:20 PM

    Minutes by Tom Pitkin


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