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Saturday Night, 12/15/07

The SCPA meeting was held  at Benson & Yee Lambs

Called to order at 7 PM

  • Attendance:
    • Rob Sporrer, President
    • Bob Hurlbett, Treasurer
    • Ron Faoro
    • Sara Hurlbett
    • John and Susan Kloer
    • Tyler Sporrer
    • Kevin McGinley
    • Kevin Howe
    • Mike Forbes
    • Delia White
    • Marge Variano
    • Cheri La Rocque
    • John Melfi
    • Mark Pratt
    • Krystin Pratt
    • Marty and Carmen Devietti
    • Brendan and Kristi Pegg
    • Tom Truax
    • Chris Rowland
    • Bill Bailey
    • Eddie Skow
    • Robb Milley
  • The Minutes from the previous meeting were not ever posted.
  • Treasurer Report (Bob Hurlbett)
    • o No numbers reported
  • New Business
    • Robb Milley accepted the position of the clubs 2008 president.
    • Robb laid out a plan for the club in 2008
    • Robb appointed club members as contacts following positions.
      • Membership:                            Tom Pitkin
      • Safety:                                      Ron Faoro
      • Community Involvement:           Bo Criss
      • Site Upkeep:                            John Kloer
      • Low comp comps:                    Bob Hurlbett
      • Visiting Pilot contact:                 Rob Sporrer
2008 Goals:
•Create a club with an active membership
•Organize at least one activity for each of the following:
•Local competitive event
•Site maintenance
•Safety and incident response
•Minimum of 20 pilots at three consecutive meetings
•Team Topa T-shirt in a podium photo



•         Low-comp comps: South Coast Cross Country League weekend points comp lite-weekend bragging rights based on the 7 categories of the South Coast Cross Country League weekend points comp; Chiefs to the beach; Pine to Mojave; etc.

•         Road trip: organize a group visit to Marshall, SLO, San Diego, etc.  Then invite them to visit us.

•         Site improvement:  Meet an hour early for coffee and donuts, then take tools up to Skyport/Chiefs/Pine/Conejo and improve launch.

•         Safety activities: how to respond to an event, when to call 911, who to call when it’s not an emergency, informing family, lessons learned, etc.

•         Weather lessons: what weather matches which site?

•         Meet the USFS: Some Saturday am we meet at NHS for  coffee and donuts, they tell us about the forest service, we offer to help them since we're out there anyway, and we get to know each other.  Then we offer them a tandem flight from Chiefs.  After that, there's always a permit for us...

•         We're a regular customer of SAR, why don't we do the same for them?  They tell us how we can make their job easier - gps coordinate format, signaling, radio protocol, first aid, etc., then we go for a tandem. 

•         Amateur radio:  We use the weather info from La Cumbre, why don't we get together with the local club for training and the ham test?  How about how to use your vx-150 to call SAR using the repeater network? 



•         Everybody's job is to encourage new members

•         Every member calls someone to attend meetings (boost attendance)

•         Every member makes a point to go to the training hill twice a year.  On the ride to the top, tell everyone about the club

•         Got your P2 in the last 3 months?  You're automatically a member until the end of the year w/o dues.  You also get a phone call from a buddy/mentor/big brother each week/ two weeks to tell you about what's going on and encourage you to meet up on the weekend.  Also available to give advice, suggestions, etc. as a friend.

•         Are you an active instructor?  Dues waived.


Community involvement:

We need to do something to get people more receptive to us landing on there land. 

What can we do for them, so that they will want us to drop by?


Safety and Education


Site upkeep


Mentorship program


2008 Events

January  - South Coast Cross Country League weekend points comp.  Skyport upkeep weekend

February  - South Coast Cross Country League weekend points comp.  Incident response presentation

March  - Skills refresher at the training hill

April  - Rhonda installation and launch - upkeep tasks

May     Chiefs peak upkeep weekend - Meet the USFS

June - SAR presentation for pilots - Safety team presentation

July - Pine intro for P3’s - Team Topa goes to Oregon

August  - Community project

September - Team Topa in the Owens

October - Record meeting attendance

November - Amateur radio training and certification

December - Christmas party - Election of officers

Continuing Business - none

  • Flights
    • No discussion
  • Announcements
    • none
  • Next Meeting February Date and Location TBD.

    Meeting Adjourned 8:00 PM

    Minutes by Rob Sporrer


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