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Tuesday Night, 4/4/07

The SCPA meeting was held  at Ron & Elizabeth Faoro's

Called to order at 7 PM

Ron Faoro ran the meeting in the absence of the president Rob Sporrer

  • Attendance:
    • Ron and Elizabeth Faoro
    • Bob and Sara Hurlbett, Treasurer
    • John and Susan Kloer
    • Chris Grantham
    • Top Pipkin
  • The Minutes from the previous meeting were posted, but membership did not realize this and did not make a motion to approve the minutes.
  • Treasurer Report (Bob Hurlbett)
    • $910.00 in treasury.
  • New Business
    • Ron announced Johnís birthday. 

    • Low attendance was noted. Suggestions were made by Chris to approach the local schools for help with recruitment as well as an email reminder for upcoming meetings to the general membership.

    • A suggestion was made by Bob to move the meetings to the 2nd Saturday bi-monthly. Bob felt weeknights and work schedules might be contributing to poor meeting turnouts. Ron wanted to keep Friday nights. After a round table discussion, 2nd Friday meetings was approved by a 3 to 2 vote.

    • Chris asked for help in acquiring the SCPA email account for new membership from Sundowner. Pipkin volunteered to make the call.

  • Continuing Business
    • No discussion
  • Flights
    • No discussion
  • Announcements
    • none
  • Next Meeting August 11th 7:00PM.

    The Kloerís offered their home for the next meeting Friday August 11th.

    Meeting Adjourned 8:00 PM

    Minutes by Tom Pitkin


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