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Wednesday Night, 10/25/06

SCPA Meeting for October 25, 2006

Meeting called to order at 6:30PM at Sharon Sweeney’s House.

Sharon acted as Secretary and recorded the proceedings.

Dan Keyser, Ron Faoro, Tom Pipkin, Sharon Sweeney, Bob Hurlbett, Benson Lamb

Minutes from August 9, 2006 approved. M/S/C

Bob Hurlbett, Treasurer, reported that we have $829 in the bank. He suggested we give some of it to Rob Milley for his work setting up a “Debbie” for Pine Mountain.

The group discussed separating the flight discussions for the hang gliders and paragliders by a link button.
We are announcing that we propose to have a vote at the next meeting about this.

It is also proposed to have a vote to change the home page as it needs to be updated. For example, we would like a picture or two and we need to change the address book.

We also nominated Rob Sporrer as President for 2007. We realize that he travels so much that it will be very convenient for him to be President as well. We also would like to attract newer paragliders that come through the schools on the hill so we can enjoy all the great paragliding stories throughout the area.

We also discussed where to have the Xmas Party. We though Carpinteria would be an excellent site. Sharon was going to check with a local restaurant.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55PM

Next Meeting: December 8, 2006



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