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Wednesday Night, 6/28/06

The SCPA meeting was held  at Rob Sporrer’s home and called to order at 7:15 PM

Sharon Sweeney acted as the secretary and recorded the minutes

  • Attendance:
    • Sharon Sweeney, President
    • Ron Faoro
    • Bill Bailey
    • Benson Lamb
    • Tony de Groot
    • Double D
    • Parma Chris
    • Don Frick
    • Bo Criss
    • Bobbie
    • Skippy
    • Rob Sporrer
    • Kevin Mc Ginley
    • Ben Hoag
  • The minutes were read from the previous meeting on April 12, 2006.  There was a motion to approve the minutes. M/S/C
    • Discussion Board Merger
      • There was a discussion to merge the Discussion Boards from the SCPA and the SBSA web sites.  There would be links to the other Boards.  The SBSA would be presented the same option at their next meeting.  They have to approve this idea as well for there to be progress.  There was a motion to approve this merge. M/S/C.
    • More Mesa Site
      • There was discussion about the procedures for flying at the More Mesa site.  In essence, many of us met at Bobbie’s house because there was a letter sent from the landowners at More Mesa requesting some kind of regulation of the site.  They simply didn’t want people flying over their houses and invading their privacy.  At that meeting, a letter was drafted and approved to respond to the landowners.  Also, we drafted some regulations to abide by to distribute to all pilots.  Skippy, John Greynald and Bobbie later finished the rules for publication.  It was pointed out that some pilots are not aware of basic facts about More Mesa.  First, it is private property and we need to respect the wishes of the people who own land there.  Second, someone has to call the Airport Tower before flying.
        • Bo and Rob pointed out that a history of Santa Barbara flying spots and a guide is being developed by Irene.  That guide could give the background and rules for people who need to know when they are considering flying here.

    Sharon thanked Rob for the use of his home and his generous hospitality.  Rob was gracious enough to provide all the food and drink for us for free.  He barbequed a great meal for all of us.  Many thanks to Rob!

    Next meeting August 9 at 6:00PM.
    The meeting will be at the Training Hill.
    Please bring your own picnic and something to fire up… on the grill that is.

    Meeting Adjourned 8:05 PM




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