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Wednesday Night, 4/12/06

SCPA Minutes from the general membership meeting April 12, 2006

Meeting called to order at 7:00PM at Tony Deleo’s House.

Eddie acted as Secretary and recorded the proceedings.

  • Attendance:
    • Chad Bastian
    • Bill Bailey
    • Dan Keyser
    • Eddie Skow
    • Brendan Pegg
    • Tony Deleo
    • Ron Faoro
    • Ron Gruel
    • Mike Preston
    • Bo Chris
    • Robb Milley
    • Ben Hoak
    • Don de Frick
    • Tom Pipkin
    • Sharon Sweeney
    • Tom Truax
    • Double D.
  • Minutes from February 8, 2006 approved. M/S/C
  • Sharon and the gang thanked Tony for the use of his beautiful house for the meeting.
  • Sharon reported for Bob Hurlbett, Treasurer, that we have $769.87 in the bank.
  • We had 12 new memberships sign up last meeting.
  • Rob Sporrer has a maneuvers clinic at Lake Don Pedro.
    • It will be April 20-24th. Sign up if you like for the opening.
  • Bo discussed the Camera Club meeting.
    • He is trying to promote a gallery type photo shoot in Ventura and Santa Barbara.  The first meeting was good.  People are discussing how to take better photos.  The next meeting will be on May 19th or 20th.
  • The Big Sur weekend for flying will be over Easter.  Everyone’s welcome.
  • We opened a Wood Rat Race technique discussion.
    • Have fun
    • Maintain a low stress level
    • LEARN!!!
    • Watch other people flying and learn from them
    • Launch Early
    • Follow someone who can fly well from the start of the day. This includes the set up to the landing.
  • Bo and Dean awarded the spirit of flight award for efforts in the Hurricane Relief and Comp.
  • Tony discussed his flight. He made a spectacular landing on his first run with his hangglider.
  • Ron G. talked about the property and legal liabilities of Oat mountain.  There are liabilities because insurance companies will sue if there’s an accident.  However, they are open to individual’s calling to check out about flying there.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55PM

Next Meeting: June 28, 2006. 6 PM Rob Sporrer’s house.

Minutes as posted on the SCPA discussion board by Sharon Sweeney



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