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Wednesday Night, 2/8/06

SCPA Minutes from February 8, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM at 2244 Sumac Drive, Ojai, Ca.


  • President – Sharon Sweeney
  • Treasurer- Bob Hurlbett
  • Members
    • Chris Grantham
    • Gregg Patronyk
    • Bo Criss
    • Dave Bader
    • John Kloer
    • Bob Hurlbett
    • Ron Faoro
    • Benson Lamb
    • Randall Mc Cormick
    • Ben Haug
    • Mike and Tammy Preston
    • Andy Palmer
    • Sharon Sweeney
    • Rob Sporrer
    • Pete Gifford
    • Tony Deleo
    • Ed Skow
    • Bob Peloquin
    • Brendan & Konner Pegg
    • Tom and Debbie Pipkin
    • Johnny Dresser
    • Chad Bastian
    • Dan Keyser
    • Ed Skow

Sharon opened the meeting with a great big thank you to Debbie and Tom Pipkin for opening their home and providing us with such a marvelous dinner.  Everyone gave them a hearty round of applause.


  • Tom Pipkin was the only one who admitted to reading the minutes from the December meeting and made a motion to approve the minutes as read.  M/S/C
    • Bob Hurlbett reported that we have $439.87 in the bank account.  He also reported that he is now able to sign checks.  Eddie Skow stated that he was now going to proceed with buying already approved equipment for chase.  Bob also stated that the $30.00 dues were due for 2006.  He received membership dues from 13 people.  Also, commercial pilots are no longer exempt from paying for dues.
    • No old business was discussed.
    • Bo Criss announced that he would like to meet with other paragliders who are interested in photography approximately once every two months.  He would like people to bring their photos to discuss.  The idea would be to improve our paragliding pictures and also submit our products to the magazines.  He mentioned meeting in March at Irene’s house.  He will let us know the details.  Bob P. also supported the idea of helping the magazines.
    • Eddie announced that the Spirit of Flight Award will go to Bo Criss and Dean Stratton.  They won the award because of their outstanding contest which helped promote paragliding and helped the victims of Katrina at the same time.  It was a great success!  There was a big round of applause in appreciation of Bo and Dean.
  • To continue the tradition of telling flight stories at SCPA meetings:
    • Sharon asked Bob Hurlbett to present photos and stories about Columbia.  Bob, Andy and Randall presented a fantastic picture projection about Columbia before the meeting.
    • She also asked Robb and Pete to show videos of Valle de Bravo.  Pete showed his excellent video of flying and life in Valle de Bravo.  We laughed at his humorous editing of flying, sinking and commentary on the way to the Pinon.  We loved his film of the trolls, cows and puppy dogs.  Pete has a real eye to filming life.  Rob described the competition as we watched Kevin and Pete film it from a tandem.  The gaggles, the clouds, the lift, the pilots, the scenery were all great fun to watch.  We also saw the acro over the lake.
  • The meeting officially ended at 8:00PM
  • The next meeting in April will be at Diablo's House.
    • Last time we had the meeting there it was one of the best ever! I f you haven't seen his board depicting all his flights it's a must see!  Details to follow later.

Minutes as posted on the SCPA discussion board by Sharon Sweeney



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