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Wednesday Night, 11/9/05

For the general membership meeting
Which took place Wednesday Night 11/9/05
Meeting had been postponed a month because some members, including the president were out of town.
Meeting Business 7:00 till 8:15 PM

Tom & Sharon's House
5596 Calle Ocho, Carpinteria


  • Bo Criss
  • Bob Hurlbett
  • Brendan Pegg
  • Chris Grantham
  • Dan Keyser
  • Dean Stratton
  • Ron Faoro
  • Sharon Sweeney
  • Tom Pipkin
  • Tom Truax

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Minutes from August meeting ratified

  • SBXC Discussion
    • 54 pilots entered
    • Target for fund raiser is $100 per pilot in pledges (Red Cross)
    • Dean is scoring GPS task
    • Bo is scoring non GPS task
    • SCPA voted to contribute $200 for treasury
  • X-Mass Party Discussion
    • Considered Sole Park (Golf Club Room) & Bodee's
    • Settled on Bodee's, Sunday 9/11 at 5 PM
  • Rhonda
    • Notation was made that Robb Milley is spearheading a project to assemble a remote weather station package that could be deployed to a number of locations.  Robb was not present to elaborate, but the club would like to support the project.
  • Next Year's Officers
    • Sharon Sweeney was nominated for the office of president, and Bob Hurlbett said he would be willing  to continue as treasurer.  All other officers are appointed by the president.  Election will be held during the December meeting.

Next Meeting
to be held in conjunction with the SCPA Christmas Party (social & dinner)
business to include ratification of minutes and election of officers only (no new business)
Contact Tom Pipkin (805) 340-0809 to RSVP.

Bodee's Restaurant
3304 Maricopa Hwy.
Ojai, CA 93023


Minutes by Tom Truax
a month after meeting


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