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Wednesday Night, 8/10/05

For the general membership meeting
Which took place Wednesday Night 8/10/05
Meeting Business 7:40 till 8:15 PM

The Elings Park Training Hill


  • Bo Criss
  • Bob Hurlbett
  • Benson Lamb
  • Brendan Pegg
  • Tom Pipkin
  • Marty DeVietti
  • Tom Truax
Small Turnout due to late notice

Minutes from June meeting ratified

Bob Hurlbett Collected dues


  • Wind Talker at Pine
    • We'll continue to wish and discuss, but no really expects any progress
  • Bo Criss's Training Hill status was discussed at the request of Tom Truax
    • Bo gave a brief accounting of his history in the sport
      • Started flying Paragliders in Salt Lake about  1995
      • Rating from Ken Hudonjorgensen
      • Some influence from Steve Mayer
      • Wanted to teach, but waited 5 years to feel confident that he understood the subject thoroughly
      • Certified as an instructor by Ken Hudonjorgensen
      • Did Clinics with Chris Santacroche & Ken
      • Met Chad Bastian at an event and talked about coming to SB
      • Came to SB 3 years ago to work for Fly Above All
      • Ran Fly Above All for a year
      • Falling out with Chad recently
      • Wanted to train at the Elings Park Hill, but was denied access by Chad and Rob Sporrer
      • Approached John Greynald of the SBSA for assistance, but John indicated that he needed to work with Chad
      • Approached the Park.  The were agreeable to him training at the hill, but also indicated he needed to come to an agreement with Chad
      • Continues to train students as his primary occupation.  Intends to continue instruction.
      • Used a hill at Marshall, but he thinks the SB hill is the best in the US
      • Would like to be able to train his students on the hill
    • Bo was asked to step out while the quorum discussed weather the SCPA would be willing to advocate for his access to the hill
      • Arguments Against
        • The SCPA is primarily a social organization and has a history of avoiding conflict
        • Their is friction between Bo and at least one of the primary instructors at the hill.  Some voiced the opinion that the friction was unhealthy.
        • The hill can be crowded, and adding additional activity may present a safety hazard.  This argument was challenged without consensus either way.
        • Bo has some history of taking issue against some of the SCPA cultural attitude.  The argument was presented that if one of the core members of the group needed assistance, then it might be more appropriate for the organization to reach outside it's comfort zone, however, some of the membership isn't comfortable promoting the cause of someone who has occasionally been in conflict with the membership.
      • Arguments For
        • Bo's product is competent pilots added to our community.  Judged by his product, he is an effective instructor and our community would benefit from his work.
        • Although there are days when the hill is crowded, there are many more days when it is underutilized, or closed due to lack of an instructor, especially during the work week.  Having another instructor working to keep the hill open would be an obvious benefit to the pilots who like to fly there.
        • The training hill should be a community asset.  Instructor access should ultimately be governed by the flying community based on the merits rather than the perceived business advantage of a monopoly.
      • It was obvious that there would not be enough votes to carry a motion to advocate for Bo's access to the hill, so the motion was withdrawn.  Bo was asked to return to the discussion.  The discussion was summarized for him.
      • Bo did not request the topic be brought up, and was unaware that it might be discussed prior to his attendance at the meeting.  He was gracious enough to thank the group for considering his relationship to our community and giving him the opportunity to tell his story.  There was some indication that due to a non disclosure agreement, he needed to withhold some information.
    • The Nationals
      • A number of  Pilots went to the national competition in Chelan Washington and they shared some of their tales.
    • Tom Truax agreed to host the next meeting
    • Business closed about 8:30ish
    • About 9 PM we receive word that they needed to lock the gate so we packed up and headed out

Next Meeting
Wednesday night, 10/12/05
6 pm for social hour and 7 pm for association business

Sharon Sweeney and Tom Truax's house
5596 Calle Ocho

Minutes by Tom Truax


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