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Wednesday Night, 6/13/05

For the general membership meeting
Which took place Wednesday Night 6/13/05
Party Time: 6:00 to Midnight
Meeting Business 7:45 till 8:15 PM

Rob Sporrer House
Santa Barbara


  • Bob Hurlbett
  • Ron Faoro
  • Benson Lamb
  • Brendan Pegg, Kristie Pegg, & their son Konner
  • Tom Pipkin
  • Rob Sporrer
  • Marty DeVietti
  • David Haight
  • Sharon Sweeney
  • Robb Milley
  • Chad Bastian
  • Jonny Dresser
  • Kevin Howe
  • Greg Patronyk
  • Minutes from prior meeting not ratified
    • Upon investigation, it was noted that the minutes were posted, but the link was not connected, so most members didn't have the opportunity to review the minutes.  Minutes will be ratified at the next meeting.
  • Treasurer Report, Bob Hurlbett
    • $509.87 in Bank
    • Account Still in Chris Paul's name.  Need to transfer name to Bob Hurlbett
    • Only 3 pilots have contributed this year...  Requesting pilots send their $30 contribution for 2005 to Bob
  • Web Site
    • Weather Page
      • Updates to observation maps and Interpolated soundings discussed, Skew-T link to be addes
      • Broken link for Plow Shares note: fixed on Thursday
    • Incorrect link to SCPA on links page noted: fixed on Thursday
    • Broken Link to SBSA forum noted: fixed on Thursday
  • Flight Stories from Wood Rat
    • SA talked about the advantages of the Flytec 5030 competition vario and his task 2 win
    • Marty spoke on Speed Bar Usage and broken speed bar in meet

Next Meeting
Wednesday night, 8/10/05
6 pm for social hour and 7 pm for association business

Elings Park
Paragliding Training Hill
Santa Barbara

Minutes by Tom Truax


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