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Wednesday Night, 4/13/05

For the general membership meeting
Which took place Wednesday Night 4/13/05
Party Time: 6:00 to 8:30 PM
Meeting Business 7:00 PM

Bob Hurlbett & Sara Webber's house
650 Juanita Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

I filled info for Tom Truax as secretary at this meeting.  Brendan asked if we had reviewed the minutes from our last meeting, and the motion was made and carried as the minutes were approved

  • David Haight spoke about combining our efforts with the SBSA. It was his hope that SCPA members would also join the SBSA.He expressed that the SBSA handles most of the business and public relations in Santa Barbara, and the support of SCPA members at events and meeting where the public speaks to city council members and city staff would be helpful.
    • SCPA members thought it may be nice if Hang gliders could give them a ride up the hill instead of driving by saying nothing.
    • SCPA members also voiced that the SBSA members donít really fly Ojai, which is a popular flying site for the SCPA
    • SCPA members also suggested that we are all pilots, but we are also connected on a social level.
    • David Haight suggested a BBQ for both clubs may be a good idea.
  • The treasurer reported that we need to pay our 2005 membership dues.
  • Bob Hurlbett suggested we all chip in to the host of the SCPA meetings to help with the costs.
  • The Litech Corporation is repairing our wind talker Debbie.
  • The June meeting will be held on the third Wednesday (June 15th) of the month at Rob Sporrer's place.


  • Bob Hurlbett
  • Ron Faoro
  • Benson Lamb
  • Brendan Pegg, Kristie Pegg, & their son Konner
  • Tom Pipkin
  • Rob Sporrer
  • Marty DeVietti
  • David Haight
  • Chris Grantham
  • Sharon Sweeney
  • Dan Keyser
  • Bill Bailey
  • Eddie Skow& his nephew Josh
  • Kevin McGinley

Next Meeting
Wednesday night, 6/15/05
6 pm for social hour and 7 pm for association business

Rob Sporrer's house
at Willowbrook Ranch
Santa Barbara

Minutes by Rob Sporrerr


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