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Wednesday Night, 2/9/05

For the general membership meeting
which took place
Wednesday Night, 2/9/05
Party Time: 6:00 to 8:30 PM
Meeting Business 7:00 PM

Ron & Elizabeth Faoro's house
515 Conejo Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

  • I filled info for Tom Truax as secretary at this meeting.  Brendan asked if we had reviewed the minutes from our last meeting, and the motion was made and carried as the minutes were approved.  The awards for the longest flights on the shortest days were discussed.  Tony Deleo had the 1st and third best flights, while Robert Millington had the second best flight.
  • Alicia Harmon introduced herself as a new female pilot to our area.  She met Marty DeVietti in Washington and they are both living here on the south coast now.  She looks forward to flying with all the local pilots here on the south coast.
  • Tom Truax and Edward Skow received the Spirit of Flight Award which is to be given out each year to the pilot(s) who embody the sprit of flight.  The trophy was a beautiful bronze eagle with Tom and Eddies name engraved on the base.
  • Mark Pratt shared that he is working toward finishing up liability issues in order to allow USHGA Members to fly at Fillmore.  Mark Pratt and Ronnie Gruel purchased 500 acres, and plan on letting USHGA certified current members fly their when the legal work is done.  Mark was concerned about his and Ronnies exposure to lawsuits.  Rob Sporrer suggested waivers, and Bob Hurlbett offered his assistance in creating such waivers.  Rob also suggested Mark contact our regional director John Greynald about getting the help of the newly formed United States Hang Gliding Foundation, which was created in part to secure Launches and landing zones with extra funds available.
  • David Haight covered landing considerations at Parma between HGs and PGs.  There have been some close calls in the past, and we want to address these issues before there is an accident.  The discussion ensued and the following points and clarifications were made.
    • Pilots need to be aware of other pilots when approaching Parma
    • Constant situational awareness with regard to other pilots and their altitude is important to note as you set up your approach.
    • HGs need the main approach path they use kept clear if there is an HG close to landing.
    • Paragliders have more options with regard to where they can land and should yield right away to a HG when landing at the same time.
    • HGs need to burn it in if there is a question of who will land first.  Its much easier for a HG to lose altitude quickly, and the HG needs to take the initiative here.
    • Its important for HGs and especially PGs to clear the main landing area at Parma after they have landed in order to keep the space available for other pilots.
    • Its important that the instructors make their students aware of these suggestions and criteria from the beginning and every time they brief students or visiting pilots at the Parma LZ.
    • All pilots need to self regulate and make visiting pilots aware of these suggestions and criteria, as well as suggested criteria for other sites in our area we use for launching and landing.  We need to be sure all pilots who visit are aware of the round house rules, and proper exit from the St. Marys LZ.
  • Attendance
    • Bob Hurlbett
    • Ron Faoro with his wife Elizabeth & their daughter Sierra
    • Benson Lamb
    • Brendan Pegg with his son Konner
    • Tom Pipkin
    • Rob Sporrer
    • Marty DeVietti and his girlfriend Alisha Harmon
    • Mark Pratt
    • David Haight
    • Chris Grantham
    • Sharon Sweeney

Next Meeting
Wednesday night, 4/13/05
6 pm for social hour and 7 pm for association business

Bob Hurlbett & Sara Webber's house
650 Juanita Ave.
Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Minutes by Rob Sporrer


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