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updated 12/18/04

Saturday Night, 12/4/04

For the general membership meeting
Which took place place during our Christmas Party on:
Saturday Night, 12/4/04
Party Time: 4:30 to 8:30 PM
Meeting Business 7:00 PM

The Hidden Oaks Clubhouse
4760 Calle Camarada
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

[photos] below

I filled info for Tom Truax as secretary at the Xmas party.  The meeting was quick and dirty.  Brendan was elected as our new president, and Bob Hurlbett was elected as the treasurer.  Brendan continued Tom Truax's appointment as our secretary (I will back Tom up when he's not in town).

Other than election of officers for 2005, the only real business discussed was that Iím going to work with James Gardner regarding landing approaches at Parma so that the hangies and the paragliders can understand each others approaches better in the name of safety.  It has gotten crowded coming in there on some weekends with tons of bags and a few bones at the same time so we are going to come up with some suggested guidelines which can be reviewed and discussed by both clubs.  Chris gave a treasurers report, but I lost the piece of paper with my notes so this is all out of my head.  Iíll do better next time.


  • Bob Hurlbett
  • Ron Faoro with his wife Elizabeth & their daughter Sierra
  • Dan Keyser
  • Benson Lamb with his wife Yee and their daughter Nalanda
  • Robb Milley with his wife Rae Lynn
  • Brendan & Kristi Pegg with with their son Konner
  • Tom Pipkin with his wife Debbie
  • John Kloer with his wife Susan
  • Dean Stratton
  • Bo Kriss
  • Casey Rodgers with his girlfriend Jill
    • Casey is moving to Paso Robles to live with Jill
  • Chad Bastian & Lee Anne Norris
  • Rob Sporrer with his girlfriend Emily Goodwin
  • Kevin Dumain and Jill
  • Ron Meyer
  • Bob & Maryanne Peloquin
  • Chris Paul with his Brazilian wife
    •  newlyweds
  • Marty DeVietti

Next Meeting
Wednesday night, 2/9/05
6 pm for social hour and 7 pm for association business

at Ron & Elizabeth Faoro's house
515 Conejo Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Minutes by Rob Sporrer
Photos by Dean Stratton

Casey's girlfriend Jill
behind Dan Keyser

Sitting CW from left
Marty, Emily Goodwin, Kevin Dumain & Jill

Left table
Brendan & Kristy Pegg

Right table
Debbie Pipkin
Susan Kloer
& Rae Lynn (Robb Milley's wife)

standing from left
Brendan Pegg
Elizabeth & Ron Faoro

Chris Paul's new wife
holding Konner Pegg

Standing; Casey Rodgers & Jill with Rob Sporrer

Sitting; Marty, Emily Goodwin, Kevin Dumain


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