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Wednesday Night, 10/13/04

For the general membership meeting held on the above date
At the following location:

Bill & Christine Bailey's House
2102 Mcnell Road
Ojai, CA 93023

Opened meeting about: 7 pm

  • Welcome Guest & New Pilots
    • Riss Estes
      • Frequent visitor from Texas, working on his instructor rating
  • Attendance
    • Bill Bailey
    • Ron Faoro
    • Chris Grantham
    • Dan Keyser
    • Benson Lamb
    • Robb Milley
    • Brendan Pegg
    • Tom Pipkin
    • Edward Skow
    • Tom Truax
    • Chad Bastian arrived after close of business
  • Minutes Ratified from last meeting held on: 8/11/04
  • Treasurer Report
    • Chris reported by email that "the balance in the bank account is $672.93.  Only changes since last meeting are two $10 monthly bank charges and $19.90 for Web Hosting"
  • New Business
    • Launch Protocol at the Skyport
      • Various suggestions were put forth, but no present was willing to chair a committee.  It was recognized that there was prior committee report chaired by Sharon, but it dealt more with potential traffic conflicts that may occur between parallel HG & PG launches.  It did discuss protocol to some extent but is probably outdated.
    • Round House Rules
      • It was suggested that we post the round house rules on the web site
    • Keyhole
      • Maping was discussed.  The members voted to appropriate club funds for a subscription to keyhole if possible.  The secretary will investigate potential mechanics.  The service requires a fast internet connection and a capable graphics card.  http://keyhole.com/
  • Chris Grantham
    • Departing for 6 month trip to New Zealand
  • Next Meeting
    • To be held in conjunction with our Christmas party
    • Club business limited to
      • Ratify 10/13/04 Meeting Minutes
      • Elect new President & Treasurer for 04 (all other officers are appointed by the president)
      • Select a time and place for the Feb meeting
    • Saturday Night, 12/4/04
      Party Time: 4:30 to 8:30 PM
      Meeting Business 7:00 PM
    • The Hidden Oaks Clubhouse
      4760 Calle Camarada
      Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Summary & Close about 7:30 (before dinner)

Special Thanks to:
Chris & Bill Bailey
They hosted a terrific dinner at their fabulous house.  Outdoor dining on a warm evening under the oaks in the Ojai Foothills below Twin Peaks.

Minutes by Tom Truax


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