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Wednesday Night, 6/9/04

For the general membership meeting held on the above date
At the following location:

Rob Sporrer's house
at Willowbrook Ranch
Santa Barbara

Opened meeting about: 8:15

  • Welcome Guest & New Pilots
    • Nathan Caceres
      • P3 pilot from California.  Colorful interactive character.  Quick with the one liners, but perhaps a bit elusive about details in response to inquiries about who he is?
    • Kevin Howe
      • Lives at the ranch and has attended several meetings as a host?  Recently started flying with Eagle Paragliding.  Has 3 high flights.  One each from The alternator, The Skyport, and Chiefs.
  • Attendance
    • Bill Bailey
    • Ron Faoro
    • Chris Grantham
    • Bob Hurlbett
    • Dan Keyser
    • Benson Lamb
    • Randall McCormick
    • Chris Paul
    • Brendan Pegg
    • Konner Pegg
    • Kristi Pegg
    • Tom Pipkin
    • Casey Rodgers
    • Rob Sporrer
    • Sharon Sweeney
    • Tom Truax
  • Minutes Ratified from last meeting held on: 4/14/04
  • Treasurer Report
    • Chris reported we have $732.83 in the bank.  He has membership list if anyone is not certain if they are paid for the year.
  • Old Business
    • SCPA Discussion Forum
      • Casey and Chris Grantham fielded questions from the membership about our new PHP BB discussion forum.  If anyone is having trouble with a feature, call or email Casey.  He can answer questions from his cell phone.
        • Log in is necessary to activate some features like identifying new post
        • Recent activity will float old post to top of list
        • Many viewing preferences are user configurable.  Not sure if there is a way to return to a "default viewing mode"
      • Casey will try to have fields for member list set up by next meeting
        • Email Address
        • 2 phone numbers with a description of phone type
      • Casey and Chris will work on a utility to insert pictures into the post.
        • There was some discussion as to weather we want to link to pictures, or insert them directly into the post
    • East Beach:
      • Rob discussed the new east beach LZ
      • P4 only.  We are on probation for another year, so let's avoid another Tim incident
        • Tim is still recovering from his injuries
      • Watch for Kite Boarders
    • Forrest Service Plan
      • Rob indicates all our launches seem to be included as an accepted activity in the pending Forrest Service Plan
    • Cieneguitas
      • SBSA is monitoring planning phase of proposal to build on LZ property.  We recommend if, when, and what political action may be in our interest.
    • Dan Keyser:
      • Dan spoke about his recovery.  He has some unpleasant dreams about the pending impact.  6 weeks are completely gone.  He is rebuilding his relationships.  May fly again.  Has moved back home.  Going back to work is difficult.  Spoke with Tom King, advice; take time needed.
    • The Rat Race
      • Several pilots spoke about the competition.  All thought it was a good event and want to return next year.
      • Moment of silence for Dixon
  • Next Meeting
    • Wednesday night, 8/11/04
    • Bob Hurlbett & Sara Webber's house
      650 Juanita Ave.
      Santa Barbara,  CA  93109

Summary & Close about 9:10

Thanks to:
Rob Sporrer for his house and superb barbeque

Minutes by Tom Truax


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