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Wednesday Night, 2/11/04

For the general membership meeting held on the above date
At the following location:

Sharon Sweeney's house
5596 Calle Ocho
Carpinteria, CA  93013

The meeting started at 7:10 after having our usual fare.  Sharon Sweeney hosted the meeting and dinner.  There was chicken, various salads and I heard there was a cake.

  • Attendees:
    • Dan Keyser $30 dues pd
    • Bob Hurlbett $30 dues pd
    • Ron Faoro $30 dues pd
    • Riss Estes $30 dues pd
    • Bob Peloquin $30 dues pd (for his wife, he is exempt this year)
    • Kevin Dumain $30 dues pd
    • Tom Pipkin $30 dues pd
    • Chris Grantham
    • Eddie Skow
    • Rob Sporrer
    • Benson Lamb
    • Sharon Sweeney $30 dues pd
    • Chad Bastian
    • Robb Milley
    • David Haight aka DD
    • Bo Criss
    • Andy Coulombe (a new pg student of Chad’s, previous hang glider pilot with 500+ hrs, who lives in Ventura.)

Benson and Tom Pipkin showed us the finished product of Bruce’s memorial plaque.  There was no discussion on when it was going to be placed.

There was discussion on our radio frequency.  It was confirmed with comments from DD and Sharon that our frequency was in compliance, but there were comments about using call signs during our communiqué.

Rob Sporrer spoke about St Mary’s LZ.  The groundskeeper, Marty, told us we were not living up to our agreement by maintaining weed abatement etc.  This was also brought up in the last SBSA meeting.  Saturday, 2/7, several SBSA members and SCPA members took about an hour to rebuild the gate and repair the fence.  Father Patrick Mullen, observed the work and was pleased.  In addition Marty leveled off the mounds of dirt, and from what was said, the lz is much better than it ever has been.  There is still some controversy about a pg pilot who twisted his ankle and told Marty he was going to sue.  However, a meeting was held with the Father, Rob Sporrer, and a couple SBSA members to assure the Monastery we were not going to sue them and we will use St Mary’s only as a last resort.  The board at the Monastery is going to come up with a plan that helps them monitor the activity and will let us know how that will work.

Rob also brought up the up the forest plan use change.  He wanted to know if anyone had any news.  It was decided that Chad will call Alan King.  The main concern was Plowshares

East Beach landing site was also in the news.  It looks like the final review is going to be scheduled in just a few weeks.  They are reviewing the big discrepancy between the Rangers facts and the highly skeptical facts of John Douglas, the groundskeeper at the Child’s Estate.

Bob Peloquin, spoke on Hill Canyon.  He has been doing some research and some “glad handing” with the city folks.  He has told them he can offer insurance and asked the club if they would sponsor the site.  We voted and agreed as a club to sponsor the site.  More to come.

DD spoke on the contest this coming weekend.  For those who joined tee shirts were handed out.  Rules and times can be found on the SBSA website.

Meeting was closed at 8:05

Next Meeting
Location not yet confirmed

Minutes courtesy of Dan Keyser


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