MONTECITO (MTC) Data Station
Updated 7/2013 Department of Water Resources University of Utah NOAA

The Montecito Data Reporting Station is located at 1,619 feet in the foothills above Montecito.
Latitude 34.461397, Longitude -119.649014  (Data Reported by University of Utah)

The CA Department of water resources reports a slightly different location
Located at elevation 1500 feet. Latitude 34.46, Longitude -119.643.
Looking at the coordinates with Google Earth (image below), it appears that the MOSWest coordinates from the University of Utah are more accurate.

MTC will experience more drainage wind from the north than other locations that are more protected.  If you are concerned about potential north drainage wind, check the MTC observation.
Note: when there is north drainage wind, the station seems to report very high wind speeds.  Not sure these speeds are accurate.  They tend to be higher than anything else around.  They will typically indicate 40 when La Cumbre is only indicating 25.

Montecito reporting station located on the SW bump below the SW spine of Montecito Peak.  [Click] for full size image or
[Click] to open KML file with Google Earth (need to have Google Earth loaded on your computer to fly to the place mark for the Montecito Station)
Note: open KML file when prompted, (might need to authorize "open" twice") but saving place mark data on exit from Google Earth is optional
(to avoid excess clutter, I don't recommend saving place mark on exit from Google Earth).