Updated in October 2004

There are 2 local radar stations.  One on Sulfur Mountain looking south, and the other is at Vandenberg Airforce Base (vgb) and looking west.  There are numerous entities that use the data to produce products.

We used to link directly to the AccuWeather products, but their pop up ads have gotten excessively offensive, so we opted to go with the government offering.  The NWS government offering is simple.  You will need Java installed on your computer to make the animated loops work.  If you click on the loop links and they don't work, go to http://java.com to download the free plug in from Sun Microsystems.

It seems like most of the free for profit sites have lots of ads and cutter.  They need to generate revenue to produce their products.  If you want to link to the AccuWeather Radar Page, their product has more end user controls.  Their link will open in a new window, along with an ongoing flood of pop ups