For the general membership meeting held on the above date
At the following location:

Santa Barbara Training Hill

Opened meeting about: 7:30

Welcome, Guest & New Members
Silvia Berning Silvia is a visiting pilot from Germany and is touring the western US.  She has been here for a couple of weeks as a guest of the Hurlbetts.  She has flown a number of the local sites and will go to Big Sur this weekend
Bryan & Andrew
Bryan is Andrew's father, 56 years old, has been training with Rob for 3 days, 20 flights total, 12 today.  Andrew is 23 and has been flying for 3 years.  They are from New Mexico, but Andrew is currently in San Diego
Jack, Sue, and Wil
Wil is Jack and Sue's son.  All three are visiting pilots from Alaska.  Wil got his P2 at 12 years old.  Jack is working on his T1 rating with Fly Above All.
Wayne Craft Wayne is a new pilot and has been training with Eagle Paragliding for about a week
Mike Forbes Mike is from LA.  He has been training with Eagle Paragliding for about 6 months
David Glover David is an infamous tandem pilot and meet organizer.  He flies both HG & PG and has done 5,000 tandems (yes, that's 5K, not 5 hundred)
Jesse Grantham Jesse is Chris Grantham's dad.  He has been crewing for us lately, and was active in the Condor Recovery Program way back.  He currently works for Audubon in Texas
Dean Stratton Dean has been flying for 6 months, he has been flying every weekend and exploring the So Cal sites.  He recently passed 100 hours and had his first flight at Pine to Lockwood Valley.
Larry Suverson Larry is a new P2 pilot working with Fly Above All.  He recently had his first Topa flight
Karen Wallman Karen lives in Seattle with her husband who is also a pilot.  He is sent her to Eagle Paragliding to work on her P2.  She is staying in Sharon's cottage and has been here a week.
Heather Withnell Heather recently had her first solo flight at Chiefs, staying up an hour and 15 minutes.  She has also been flying the Alternator, and Toll House.  Heather is 13 and has been flying about a year.  She started when she was 12, and is almost ready for her P3.  Heather resides in Bakersfield
Ryan & Chris ?? Said hello, but didn't get the details.  If you have any, we can add them
  There were also a couple of unrecorded visitors who arrived after close of business

Chad Bastian
Kristi Bechtold
Bobbie Bratz
Bo Criss
John De Bruin & his wife Nadine
Zvi Eshel
Ron Faoro
Dave Goering with his wife Leanne
and their kids Annie & Amanda
Chris Grantham
Bob Hurlbett
Dan Keyser
John Kloer & his wife Susan
Benson Lamb
Jim Maddox
Lee Anne Norris
Brendan Pegg
Tom Pipkin
Casey Rodgers
Edward Skow
Rob Sporrer
Sharon Sweeney
Tom Truax

43 listed plus a couple of unlisted attendees

Minutes Ratified from last meeting held on: 6/11/03

Treasurer Report

Chris was not able to attend, but sent the following report:
The activity on the bank account since the last meeting has been:
+$50 -Membership from Benson Lamb and Dennis Ursaki
-$20 -Monthly Fees
-$309.95 -Ashby Trophy (B. Wallace Memorial Plaque)
Account Balance = $735.38

Old Business

New Business & Announcements

Next Meeting

7 PM, Wednesday, 10/8/03

Benson  & Yee Lamb's house (new address)
1576 La Coronilla Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
701-4104 Benson's cell

Summary & Close about 7:55 pm

Thanks to:
Eagle Paragliding & Fly Above All