Wednesday Evening, 6/11/03

For the general membership meeting held on the above date
At the following location:

Atop the RC hill on the Willowbrook Ranch property in Santa Barbara


Opened meeting about: 7:20

Welcome, Guest & New Members
Chris Holmes P4 Pilot from Telluride.  Has been flying since 97'.  Living in SB for a couple of years, enjoying the surfing, but is recently getting back into the sport.  Works a a chef.  Did all the cooking for the supurb dinner provided by Eagle Paragliding.
Ken Grodberg (Striker) Friend of Chris Holmes visiting from Telluride.  Non pilot.
Jim   Caretaker at the Ranch
Kevin   Our ranch host.  Family member (grandson of owners)
Scott Angel Local HG speed gliding champion, aerobatic pilot, and frequent ranch visitor
Kathleen Tomscha Terry Taggart's partner and 4th grade teacher
Chris English Neighbor of Terry and Kathleen

Kristi Bechtold
Johnny Dresser
Ron Faoro
Chris Grantham
Bob Hurlbett
Dan Keyser
Benson Lamb
Chris Paul
Brendan Pegg
Tom Pipkin
Casey Rodgers
Edward Skow
Rob Sporrer
Sharon Sweeney
Terry Taggart
Dragisa Trifkovic
Tom Truax
  Late Arrivals  
  Bo Criss  Back from France
  Pete Gifford

Minutes Ratified from last meeting held on: 4/8/03

Treasurer Report

Old Business

New Business & Announcements

Next Meeting

7 PM, Wednesday, 8/13/03

Atop the Training Hill

Summary & Close about 7:55

Group Photo

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