Wednesday, 10/16/02

For the general membership meeting held on the above date,
one week later than normal scheduling due to scheduling conflicts
At the following location:

Bob Hurlbett's Law Office
15 West Carrillo

Opened meeting about: 7:15 PM

Welcome, Guest & New Members
Cathy Drew Recently moved here from Aspen.  She has been flying about 2 1/2 years.  Trained with Dick Jackson and company.  Flies an extra small Bolero
David Haight Lives locally in Montecito.  Has been flying Hang Gliders locally for many years.  Dabbled with paragliders several years ago, and took formal instruction about 6 months ago.  Currently flying both HG & PG depending on conditions.  Flies an Apco Sierra

Kristi Bechtold
Tom Beidler
Bo Chris
Sarah Char
Ron Faoro
Hesham Ghobarah
Bob Hurlbett
Dan Keyser
Benson Lamb
Brendan Pegg
Tom Pipkin
Mark Pratt
Rob Sporrer
Tom Truax

Minutes Ratified from last meeting held on: 8/14/02

Treasurer Report

Old Business

Hesham, needs contact information for the SLO club.  They are reportedly putting up a sensor at Plow Shares, and we would like to review their choices.  (Subsequent inquiry by the secretary indicates the SLO club is likely to abandon efforts to put up a wind sensor at Plow Shares.  The project volunteers discovered the Branch Mountain reporting station listed on the SCPA weather page.  The Branch Mt. data has proven to be a good indicator, so the value proposition of committing resources to developing a station on site is diminished)

Hill Canyon:  Current Situation was discussed.  Pilots are flying the site regularly.  Pilots need to understand the politics of the site prior to flying there.  Property ownership is split between the Parks Service, The city of  Thousand Oaks, the County, and a lease holder.  Launch is owned by the city of TO, and the LZ is owned by the County.  Pilots are currently avoiding Park Service property and the rangers have stopped harassing pilots.  There was some discussion of requesting commercial operators to avoid impacting the site because our current unofficial acceptance is currently fragile.

New Business & Announcements

Next Meeting

To be conducted at the Christmas Party

5 PM, Saturday, 12/14

Hidden Oaks Clubhouse
4760 Calle Camarada
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Summary & Close about 8:30

Thanks to:
Bob Hurlbett for use of his Facility