For the general membership meeting held on the above date
At the following location:

Rob Sporrer's back yard
On top of the RC hill on the Willowbrook Ranch property

Opened meeting about: 7:30


Bailey Bill  
Bastian Chad  
Bechtold Kristi  
Beidler Tom  
Char Sarah  
Dawson Mike  
Dresser Johnny  
Faoro Ron  
Grantham Chris  
Hurlbett Bob  
Keyser Dan  
Lamb Benson  
Micev Nikola  
Parker Jeff  
Pegg Brendan  
Pipkin Tom  
Rodgers Casey  
Skow Edward  
Sporrer Rob  
Sweeney Sharon  
Taggart Terry  
Trifkovic Dragisa  
Truax Tom & Sam

Forgot to Ratify Minutes from last meeting held on: 4/10/02

Treasurer Report

Old Business

Web Systems Committee


New Business & Announcements

Next Meeting

Thanks to the Host, Kevin Howe and the Willowbrook Ranch Family for letting us use their property.  Everyone in attendance indicated they thought it was a great location for a summertime meeting.

Meeting Close: 8 pm


Secretary left before close of meeting