For the general membership meeting & Christmas Party held on the above date
At the following location:

Crocodile Restraint & Bar
2819 State Street
Santa Barbara

Opened meeting about: 7:30

Welcome, Guest & New Members
Riss Estas:  Visiting Pilot from Texas
1602 Yaupon Valley Rd
Austin,  TX   78746
(512) 329-0790

Bastian Chad
Bechtold Kristi
Beidler Tom, Jaana, Emma, & Max
Char Sarah
Dawson Mike
Eshel Zvi
Faoro Ron, & Elizabeth
Fieset Claude
Ghobarah Hesham
Hornstrand Claes 
Hurlbett Bob, & Sara
Keyser Dan
Kloer John, & Susan
Pegg Brendan
Pipkin Tom, & Debbie
Rodgers Casey
Rossberg Christian
Sporrer Rob
Sweeney Sharon
Truax Tom
Wallace Bruce, & Marilyn

Note: first meeting with 30 attendees, not counting the hired help

Minutes Ratified from last meeting held on: 10/10/01

Treasurer Report

Old Business

New Business & Announcements

Next Meeting

7 PM, Wednesday, 2/20/02

Bob Hurlbett's Law Office
 15 West Carrillo
 570-8680 cell phone

Close Meeting and start Dinner about 7:40