Minutes 4/11/01
For the general membership meeting held on the above date At the following location:

Tony Deleo's House
3009 Grove Street
Ventura, CA 93001

The meeting opened about 7:30 pm
Welcome Guest & New Members: Nick, Trispco, Bruce, and Whiplash
Bylaw & Website Notation
Minutes from last months meeting ratified
Treasurer, Bob Santoro - not present

Report of account balance given by Bob Hurlbet on Bob Santoro's behalf. Treasure report was approved by the commity.

Bob Hurlbet suggested the possibility of reducing the dues. Discussion of distribution of funds: General expenses (website and insurance of $12.95)
IS Director / Casey Rogers with Tom Truax & Tom Beidler
Casey not present. Tom Biedler gave a report. Nothing completed to create the member directory. Nick volunteered to assist in working on the website.
Old Business


New logo's were circulated, feedback was limited. Decided to oupen the submissions until June 1, 2001. At which time, members need to log in and pick their top five favorites. Then, those will be narrowed down to the top three and presented at the next meeting.

Radio License

Whiplash wrote up article regarding getting licensed in the Santa Barbara/Ventura areas. Dan made copies and distributed.

Radio Frequency

Discussion about having an XC frequency. Hesham, Chairman, found 147.50 to be the best possibility. No official protocol established however, a motion was made to adopt this frequencyon a trail bases until next meeting.
New Business

Modifying Launch at Chiefs

Claude, Bob H. and Benson met with the Rangers and wrote proposal. However, the Rangers have not replied as to whether or not they would approve the modifications. If an Archeological survey is required, Bob Hurlbet volunteered his expertise in that area.

Polo Fields

Polo fields are private property and they do not want the liability. Especially for the new pilots, this is an emergency only LZ. We do not have official permisison to land in the practice field either and absolutely DO NOT land where the horses are. The beach is the preferred LZ.
Oil Field employees changed the combination lock on the gate and DO NOT want us flying up there. There were some problems with pilots bringing several vehicles and children up to launch. Additionally, a cow got out while the gate was opened and was hit by a car.
Skyport Launch Protocol
If conditions are good, it is best to set up your glider on the side and be ready to lay out and launch. Rather than, doing a line check and getting your gear together while others wait for you. Two pilots should be able to launch one after the other on launch.
Thatcher School
Bruce suggested to Bob Hurlbet that they draft together a letter to Thatcher School referencing the protocol and liability covered by USGHA in order to open it up as a potential LZ.
Ojai Competition
Claude, Chairperson for the July Competition. He will need assistance with getting sponsors, t-shirts, and the LZs approved by the city of Ojai. Eddie is assisting in getting Red Bull to help sponsor the event.

Flight of the Year 2000

Tony D. flew 139 miles to Filmore.
Next Meeting
7 pm, June 13, Wednesday Evening
Eddie Skow's House in Ojai

Eddie has asked that we help with the meal and clean up.