For the general membership meeting held on the above date
At the following location:
Bill & Christine Bailey's House
540 Vista Vallejo
Santa Barbara,  CA   93105
The meeting opened about 7:25 pm
Welcome Guest & New Members:  Chad Bastian, Mark Pratt, Marcos Chaippe
Bylaw & Website Notation
Minutes from last months meeting ratified

Flight Stories

Dan Keyser

Hawaii, 1,500 vertical cliff, 500 over launch

Benson Lamb

Good flights have been elusive, will report next meeting

Chad Bastian

Palm Springs, Tow up 1,500 agl with payout winch, climb to 28 agl, 38 msl, good potential.
Will look at El Mirage

Hesham Ghobarah

First unsupervised flight from the Skyport, Hitched up to launch, no other paraglider pilots present, evaluated and laid out,  other pilots showed up, was wind dummy, climbed in thermal off launch to 650 over

Zvi Eshel


Bill Bailey

Climbed the nut house for the first time with a touch of the flu, launched last and got to 43, landed in field next to own house near Thatcher

Kristi Bechtold

Mexico weekend.
Climbed the nut house, 3rd to launch but first to core up, getting to 43 off Spine 1, good landing at Nut House

Claud Fiest

New launch off the Ojai Valley Foundation,  400 vertical, kids cleared launch for him, did several tandems, working to establish relationship with Foundation to utilize hill for training, climb out potential in right conditions

Marcos Chaippe

Flew with Hans and Alberto from the VOR to the Morgan Ranch, getting to cloud base

Brendan Pegg

First flight from the Nut House, skeptical, wind dummies weren't encouraging, got up right away off launch, flew for an hour + and landed at the High School, likes the technical nature of the site, XC required

Mark Pratt

Oat Mountain with Ron G and Tim S a couple of years ago, cloud suck & big ears

Edward Skow

Flying wing, big, fast, heavy, and it will be spending the night in the tree tops off 33

Ron Faoro

Posted flights on web site, first pilot to launch twice from the Nut House in one day (Benson previously had the first top landing but didn't relaunch)

Bob Hurlbett

Up to 4,300 off the Nut House, got to 43 at Pyramid Peak, glide out across Nordhoff High with 1,000 to spare, continued across next hill and landed in the school yard next to 33 south of the HS

Tom Truax

Crossed the pass on 3 consecutive weekends.  Landed on launch at Chiefs in snow, quiet and peaceful

Tom Beidler

Got to launch late a couple of times.  A good mid week flight, up at launch head to the factory, 42 and on course for first XC in SB, land at the Polo Fields



Treasurer, Bob Santoro

Bob wasn't present, sent notice that we have $775.80 in bank + collections at meeting:
Benson Lamb $60, Bill Bailey $60, Mark Pratt $60, Dan Keyser $20, Hesham $30 chk # 296
Motion passed to reimburse Zvi Eshel $33 for picture sent to Ranger Station

IS Director  /  Casey Rogers with Tom Truax & Tom Beidler

Casey not present, discussion page protocol, progress on member info
Next committee meeting scheduled for Friday


Old Business

The Rock

Dan Keyser research the county records and it looks like Cory owns all the way to the North Side of the Road
Easement information wasn't reported.


New logo's were circulated, feedback was limited and no formal discussion, no action taken


Zvi brought framed picture from Chiefs Peak for all to sign, picture will be given to the Ranger Station in appreciation of work done on road


Card and cactus were delivered to Frank by Dan Keyser for holidays, cactus was planted in Frank's front yard

New Business

Radio License

Dan Keyser suggest pilots get a license, test 2nd Saturday of Odd Months, link:

Radio Frequency

Discussion about having an XC frequency, tasked out to committee,
Hesham will head committee

Contest / Barbeque

Bob Hurlbett will head committee, may have fly in at Bill's Place in Ojai this Fall

Contributing Member

Edward Skow was voted to the position of contributing member and his dues were wavied


Amendments to the bylaws as noticed on the discussion page were passed

A Suggestion was made to give a letter of appreciation to the Ventura County Helicopter Rescue Department
No one volunteered to write the letter.



Cotes Cliff / Mexico

Weather looks iffy, so...  will decide by Friday


June 5-17, Zvi is coordinating trip


Next Meeting

7 PM, Wednesday, April 11

Tony Deleo's House
3009 Grove Street
Ventura,  CA  93001


Summary & Close about 9:20


Zvi gave a presentation about trip to Turkey with pictures on the TV monitor


Bill supplied his house and made enough curry, rice, and dessert for 20