10/11/00, 7:00 PM

SCPA    South Coast Paragliding Association

Minutes for general membership meeting held on the above date

At the following location:

Bob Hurlbett & Sara Weber’s house

1316 Anacapa St.   Santa Barbara

Meeting opened about 7:25 pm

Welcome Guest & New Members

Minutes from previous meeting held on 8/10/00 were circulated

Attendance recorded

Non pilots present: Sara Weber, Janna Beidler & Sons


Flight Stories

All present shared flight stories

Bill Bailey:  Pine Mt.  1,100 ft per minute, to 12,000 feet, nice air, strong lift, land @ Quarter Moon.

Dan Keyser:  Skyport to Hammonds Meadow, first personal Skyport flight, spectacular scenery from 4,500 feet with the colors & clouds.  Pine Mt. convergence over ridge, 1,000 ft per min smooth lift, to 14,000 ft, a bit above cloudbase.

Sharon Sweeney:  Drive to upper Piute (9,200) exciting, Big Air experience, circled in a coupe of thermals to about 1,000 over launch, held on and flew out to land next to Hwy 6.

Brendan Pegg:  First Skyport day, first flight a sleder to St. Mary’s, second flight up at launch, over the Thermal Factory, west wind building, fall off and fly out to Hammond’s Meadow, set up final but backing up, no speed bar, tried big ears, turned down wind out over bluff low and came around corner to beach at the Miramar doing about 40, land down wind on crowded beach, tumbled and dragged, more excitement than intended.

Kristi:  Skyport, good tree landing in Rattle Snake Canyon, back to launch and fly XC to Cold Springs School.

Bob Santoro:  Drove up to Topa.  Karen is 4 months pregnant.

Tom Biedler:  Owens, Friday; chasing it, Saturday; Flynn’s, Sunday; launched upper Piute and got to over 13,000, only wearing bike gloves, landed at car, flew Flynn’s later in the day, smooth air, about 2,000 over.

Zvi:  Previously flew in India, Turkey, and Israel.  Had first flight from Pine, up to 12,500 ft and landed on the road east of the landslide, personal highest altitude.  Owens, Walts Point; wind dummy, 14,000 ft, 3 hours, land at Manzanar, 18 miles, personal highest altitude and longest distance, Piute; to Big Pine baseball field, 25 miles, 2 hours, personal longest XC, low save in front of Black Mt. from 7,000 back up to 13,000, strong air, scared, pushing personal limits of ability, numerous unintentional wangs, intimidated by the reputation of the Owens Valley.

Tom Truax:  Flying Topa Bluffs in Quantum, in Fillmore; convergence from Skyport over Monastery, fun gaggle and land at Biltmore, Walt’s; unintentional launch, not buckled in, no helmet or gear, climb up from below launch and top land.

Bob Hurlbett:  Skyport, convergence over Monastery, flying with friends in gaggle, up and down numerous times, tried to get to beach but good landing in parking lot of Clevland School, Pine Mt; up to 12,400, land at airport in Rose Valley, personal longest XC.

Ron Faoro:  10 hours airtime in 5 days.  Pine; near miss with Zvi, almost descended onto the top of his canopy.  Walts; intimated but flew 60 mile tandem, built confidence, learned strategy, cold.  Sunday, Piute; 3 hours, felt comfortable in strong air, in tune with rhythm of glider and air.

Casey Rogers (not present).  Flew Piute, no radio, personal best altitude (16+) and distance, spiritual experience, comfortable with glider and conditions.



IS Director, Mike Cruse

Volunteers, Rob Sporrer, Tom Beidler, Dan Keyser

No Report

Ron & Zvi can help if using front page

Treasurer, Bob Santoro

Reports we have $901 in Bank


Thatcher School, Bob Hurlbett

will talk with Kendrick

Conejo Mountain

Zvi reports complaint using green field in industrial park to pack up on weekday during business hours.

Old Business

Logo, Karen Santoro, Sara Weber, & Dan Keyser

no action, Tom Truax will prompt volunteers prior to next meeting.

Flyer, Bob Santoro

Bob reports he’ll do a flyer after we have a logo but will not have it done in advance of the New Years Fly In.

Booth, Bob Santoro

Bob in withdrawing his offer to organize a booth for the New Years Fly In because the hats and t-shirts won’t be ready.

Hats & T-Shirts

Bob Hurlbett has volunteered to do T-Shirts after we agree on a Logo

Chamber of Commerce

No volunteers, will wait until we have more material

New Business

The Rock

Ron Faoro will talk with owner


James, Erica & New Victor

Baby Boy born @ 6:03 am September 6

6 pounds 11 ounces,  19-1/4” long

2 + weeks early, 10 hours of labor

plenty of hair

Frank Jordano

In hospital, card signed by those present, delivered by Tom & Kristi

Next Meeting

7:00 PM, Wednesday, December 13

Brendan Pegg’s condo

1007 Inspiration Way

Ventura, CA 93001


Summary & Close about 8:50 PM