8/10/00, 7:00 PM

SCPA    South Coast Paragliding Association

Minutes for general membership meeting held on the above date

At the following location:

Bob & Karen Santoro’s House (with pool)

657 Romero Canyon Rd,  Montecito

Meeting opened about 7:15 pm

Welcome Guest & New Members, Dave Goering & Alan King

Minutes from previous meeting held on 6/8/00 were circulated were ratified

Attendance recorded

Beer & Chips supplied by Bob & Karen Santoro

Flight Stories

All present shared flight stories

Bob Santoro, flew a 172 in Pennsylvania and a Piper Warrior between East Hampton and Long Island.  He completed his BFR.

Dave Goering, Pine to Nordhoff

Bob Hurlbett, Topa & More Mesa to Wilcox

Alan King, Big Sir

Dan Keyser, Topa & 10,000’ at Pine

Bill Bailey, Flew with condor at Pine and got to 13,000’

Tom Truax, Pine to Rosemond


IS Director, Mike Cruse

Volunteers, Rob Sporrer, Tom Beidler, Dan Keyser

no report, Mike was in Sweden

Treasurer, Bob Santoro

Reports we have  $861  in Bank


Thatcher School, Bob Hurlbett

Bob was unable to contact Tim Herr, USHGA attorney.  Did talk to Kendric Foultz (alumni).  Kendric suggested we set up a demo flight.

Conejo Mountain, Kevin Dumain

Kevin did a title search but was not present to give his report.

Second hand info was that launch was owned by an LA based corporation.  There are several farming families that own the various farm fields.  The site is being flown often by groups of pilots at least every other day.  There has been no reported contact between pilots and landowners or farmers.

Old Business

Logo, Bob Santoro & Benson Lamb

Logos were submitted by Karen Santoro, Sara Weber, & Dan Keyser.  The work was impressive.  Comments were noted and a vote was delayed until next meeting when updated versions might be represented.

Flyer, Bob Santoro

Flyer still on hold until after we have a logo, but Bob and will have it ready in advance of the New Years Fly In.

Booth, Bob Santoro

Bob has volunteered to organize a booth for the New Years Fly In

Hats & T-Shirts, Bob Hurlbett

Bob Hurlbett has volunteered to do T-Shirts after we agree on a Logo

Chamber of Commerce

No volunteers, will wait until we have more material

New Business

Meeting day changed to the Wednesday after the SBSA meeting which is held on the first Thursday of the month.


James Victor Fund, Bob Hurlbett

Fund closed

James is making good progress.  He is starting to remember details of crash.  Was deep in brakes, low, took big collapse.

Erica is due in mid September

Next Meeting

7 PM, Wednesday, October 11

Bob Hurlbett & Sara Weber’s house

1316 Anacapa St

570-8680  Bob’s cell

Summary & Close about 8:30 PM