6/8/00, 7:30 PM

SCPA    South Coast Paragliding Association

Minutes for general membership meeting held on the above date

At the following location:

Bob Hurlbett’s law office, 15 W. Carillo

Meeting opened about 7:40

Welcome Guest & New Members

Bylaws presented to interested parties

Minutes from previous meeting held on 4/13/00 were circulated were ratified

Attendance recorded

Beer & Chips supplied by Bob Santoro

Flight Stories

All present shared flight stories

Juan blew OTB at Lower bates in strong wind and had good landing on Freeway

Andy flew to Ventura on same day

Kristi got high at Pine and had first flights at Topa

Dan landed in Rose Valley from Pine and flew Topa

Rob recounted old flight from Pine with Big altitude noting logistical awareness

Bob Hurlbet got 3 hours at Bates

Mike Cruse had his first soaring PG flight from Solimar

Ian had spiritual flight from Big Sir

Tom Beidler did the Skyport

Bob Santoro escaped from the tree tops and took a tandem flight from the Skyport to Carpinteria

Kevin flew the back side at the Ruins in an afternoon NW

Sundowner flew from Walt’s Point past Big Pine


IS Director, Mike Cruse

IS director reported web site up.  www.SouthCoastParagliding.net

Currently contains Bylaws & Meeting Minutes

Web site is run from Mike’s home computer to save fees and have more control

Brainstorming Ideas

Pilot Reports

Flight Log with GPS track

Member Services


Voice Mail

Site Guide

Weather, & Call of the Wind Info


Announcements, Postings, & Sales

Volunteers to work on web site

Rob Sporrer, Tom Beidler, Dan Keyser

Treasurer, Bob Santoro

Reports we have $931 in Bank

Will write Tom Truax a check for $70 to cover web site registration fee.


Thatcher School, James Victor + Bob Hurlbet

With James out of action, Bob has agreed to take over the chair of the committee.  Dan Keyser & Kristi Bechtold agreed to assist.  Tom Truax will pass on previous correspondence records to Bob.

Old Business

Logo, Bob Santoro & Benson Lamb

Bob reports he will have multiple logo’s by the August meeting

Flyer, Bob Santoro

Bob reports he do a flyer after we have a logo and will have it done in advance of the New Years Fly In.

Booth, Bob Santoro

Bob has volunteered to organize a booth for the New Years Fly In

Hats & T-Shirts

Bob Hurlbett has volunteered to do T-Shirts after we agree on a Logo

Chamber of Commerce

No volunteers, will wait until we have more material


Volunteer for president solicited but no takers.  Tom will finish the year

New Business

Conejo Mountain

Status of Conejo Mountain was discussed

Kevin Dumain volunteered to head site committee

Eric Stokke is rumored to be checking title info


Saint Mary’s LZ

Tom reported status of Saint Mary’s

Summarize Agreement, Father Roy, Barbara & Marty

Stress low profile and Protocol

James Gardner cut the grass

James Victor Fund, Bob Hurlbett

Bob gave update on James’s status

The fund has raised about $3,500 to date

Donations can be made by contacting Bob or sending a check to the any branch of the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, made payable to the James Victor Fund.

Next Meeting

Tom will be out of town.  Bob Hurlbet volunteered to act as Vice President and chair the meeting.  Kristi volunteered to take minutes if she is in town.

7 PM, Thursday, August 10

Bob & Karen Santoro’s House (with pool)

657 Romero Canyon Rd,  Montecito

565-3837  house  or  455-5050  Bob’s cell

Summary & Close about 9 PM