SCPA minutes from meeting held on:                                               02-09-00

Meeting was held at Bob Hurlbett’s law office, 15 W Carillo

Current status of organization was discussed.

All members present agreed to join and pay dues.

Copy of current bylaws was given to all members.

Bob Santoro agreed to be treasurer and was elected by unanimous vote.

Tom Truax agreed to be president until next meeting with the idea that another presidential candidate might volunteer at the next meeting.  Vice President and Secretary appointments were left unfilled.  Tom indicated that he would rather serve as secretary.

Mike Cruse was appointed as Information Services Director.

Mike expects to get a web site started within a few days.  A web domain name needs to be selected.

James Victor volunteered and was appointed as committee chairperson to look into Thatcher School.  Bob Hurlbett agreed to assist.

Bylaws were amended to change the meeting day from the first Wednesday to the second Thursday

Next meeting was scheduled for same location, on Thursday, April 13 @ 7:30 pm.