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Outside Links  updated 10/2013

This page contains links to outside stuff
The SCPA does not endorse or rate the organizations
Listings are ordered alphabetically

Local PG Schools
Name    Owner
Circling Hawk Paragliding   Bo Criss
Eagle Paragliding Rob Sporrer
Fly Above All Chris Grantham
Trike Buggy   Chad Bastian
Paragliding Organizations
Initials Name Forum Weather
CSS Crestline Soaring Society CSS Forum Harvey
EHGA Elsinore Hang Gliding Association   KCARANCH16
SDHGPA San Diego Hang Gliding
& Paragliding Association
Torrey Pines
SLOSA San Luis Obispo Soaring Association    
SBSA Santa Barbara Soaring Association SBSA  
SCPA South Coast Paragliding Association   http://scpa.info/weather
SHGA Sylmar Hang Gliding Association Bulletin Board  
USHPA United States Hang Gliding
& Paragliding Association
Sailplane Soaring Organizations
Initials Name
SCS Southern California Soaring
SCSA Southern California Soaring Academy
      Crystal Squadron & SOCC
RESCO Region 12 Soaring Council
SSA Soaring Society of America
Miscellaneous Flying Web Sites Affiliation
Black Hawk Jérôme Daoust
10Kover.org Sarah Char
XtremeBigAir Kinsley Wong
Maps Source
3D Generated Image Downloads http://www.keyhole.com/ (now Google Earth)
Distance Calculator http://www.chemical-ecology.net/java/lat-long.htm