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April 1, 2001

Claude, myself and Benson went up on Sunday to meet one of the park rangers, Greg, to discuss the possibilities of changing Chief's launch.  He was very open to the removal of brush.  That he said is pretty much a given as long as we don't remove too much brush from the hill side that can be seen from the city.  If we do at least make it irregular so that it appears a little more natural.

As far as removing dirt etc., he said that is a little more complicated in that the minimum that may need to be done is an archeological survey to see if there are any artifacts that may need to be preserved.  Prior to all of this Benson had been a little apprehensive, but during the discussion he was a big proponent of the change.

Here is virtual rendering that Claude did to help visualize the idea of changing the hill.  Later Claude, Benson and I surveyed a couple of other places and went up to the North launch and there lying on the hill was a piece of fan shrouding.  We thought better about picking it up as it may have some archeological significance being it is a remnant of someone’s old days as an instructor.


Chief's, as is now

After a little handy work by Zvi