SCPA Discussion Archive
updated 9/2006


The original FrontPage discussion spanned from December 2000 through May of 2002.  It was administered by Tom Truax until the server crashed.  Flight related articles were archived.  Not all articles were archived.  Chit Chat and clutter were trimmed, and the non flight discussion was not archived.  Note:  the archive articles contain some components no longer supported [bold text at both the top and bottom of the articles].

From June of 02 through August 04, the discussion page was administered by Tom Beidler.  Tom used customized software and hosted the discussion on his web hosting company's server under his business domain name,  Tom moved with his family to Oregon.  The discussion moved to new administrators after a period of down time when Tom was non responsive.  Tom eventually got the program debugged, but after the new admin had taken ownership.  Tom indicated that lost articles may be archived and available, but we would need someone to interface with Tom to retrieve them.  That didn't happen so the articles are now considered lost.

In September 2004, our discussion moved to the  PHPBB software.  Casey Rodgers was the primary administrator, Chris Grantham assisted, & Ron Faoro did the weeding.  It was  hosted under Casey's business web, until it got hit by a worm on 1/16/06 (Casey had just arrived in Valle de Bravo for a week of flying).  Casey purchased a backup of the data base from his ISP, but the oldest backup they had was dated 1/19/06.  Casey expressed an interest in working on the damaged data base.  He indicated the articles are there, but the index is gone.  He was going to try to recreate an index and integrate all the articles from 9/04 into our current data base.  Those intentions never bubbled high enough in his priority list.

About a week after the 1/06 crash, it was decided to upgrade the software to a current version more resistant to worms & hackers.  At the same time, we were in the process of moving the domain name to a new hosting provider, so it was decided to host the forum on the scpa server.  Chris Grantham assumed the role of primary forum administrator, with Tom Truax providing support as the primary scpa site administrator.  Casey will continue as our consultant and Ron Faoro continued as the primary moderator.  John Kloer was added as a moderator in June of 06 to help control the increasing spam.

In the summer of 2006, the SBSA and SCPA discussion boards were merged onto the SCPA server.

In July of 06, the board was changed from open access for both view and post to open access for view, but registration and login in required to post.  This action was taken after substantial experimentation with various options to reduce the spam.  The action was approved by the membership of both the SCPA and the SBSA.