Pine / Early September mid-week:

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Pine / Early September mid-week:

Postby sd » Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:42 am

The best time of year for Pine has historically been mid-August through September, so we are in the middle of the season, and the forecast looks sweet through the end of the week.

Today (Wednesday), tomorrow, and Friday appear to support the classic convergence with it blowing up both sides from the NW at the lower North Launch and from the SE at the South Launch, with more east early and more west later in the day. Max altitudes aren’t super high, but good enough, in the 11 to 12K range (4 to 5K over the South Launch). Likely suitable for robust P2 pilots with supervision? Should be able to glide back into Ojai with a light tailwind at altitude, or for the more adventurous, you can play for the Watershed Divide Convergence as a feasible route to the beach.

By Saturday, max altitudes appear to be a little lower, in the 10K range with a little more push from the NW, but likely not strong enough to preclude launching from the south side mid-day? If you are doing a late day flight on Saturday, you might want to utilize one of the north side launches.

I can crew early today but need to be back in Carpinteria by 6 for a back to school night. Tomorrow, I can crew later in the day (after 1:30 or 2 o-clock?) for an afternoon run? And Friday I might be available for a full day?

Locally, the marine inversion is thick (today), so perhaps the t-hill and the local cliffs will work if the sun breaks through this afternoon? The marine inversion is starting to thin as high pressure builds through the end of the week.
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