Start of the 2017 World Series

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Start of the 2017 World Series

Postby sd » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:26 pm

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8:35 Tuesday morning meet time at East Beach in Santa Barbara for an 8:40 to 8:45 roll to be at Nordhoff High School at 9:45 which should get us to Nordhoff Peak Launch before 11 for an 11:30 launch… with a bus stop in Carpinteria on the way. Leon will meet us at the high school with the gate permit. On school days we usually leave vehicles across the street at the church. Peter Richner is arranging crew. Mitch Riley, is bringing the Eagle van. Tom Truax, and hopefully Ben Jordan plus other are on board. We expect to fly back to SB, so you don't want to leave your vehicle in Ojai unless you are running late.
Tuesday Morning Update:
Lot of similarities compared to yesterday (Monday), but some differences also. A little more katabatic push last night, so not as much morning cold air pooling, so the day is starting out hotter, and is expected to get a few degrees warmer than Monday in places. Earlier forecast were calling for Monday to be the peak wind day, but it now looks like today has more wind on the east end of the fishbowl, however, the wind hopefully be lower level in the drain paths (some drain path venturi channels are blowing over 50 this morning). The forecast does call for it to back off some later in the day. It is blowing harder down the Santa Clara River this morning, but the forecast is calling more lower level on-shore flow on the west end the course, and that flow goes higher than yesterday.

Wednesday now looks more like Sunday’s forecast for Tuesday. Should be good in both SB and Ojai tomorrow (Wednesday). The lapse rate does relax some on Thursday, but the east wind is also greatly diminished.
Monday night look at the work week
Santa Anna winds peaked on Monday but will persist through Tuesday. The Monday forecast soundings where calling for some wind in the mid to upper teens in places. We are talking about the front range course, not the Santa Clara River, which was blowing harder with gust over 30 in places.
The lapse rate is good, mainly because the surface temperatures are hitting record highs. Over 100 degrees in many places with just a little protection from the ocean including Monday reports like 106 at the Camarillo Airport at 5 PM.

The surface temperatures are driven up by compression heating of the descending (katabatic) high pressure airmass (5-1/2 degrees F/1000 Ft). The soundings appear to indicate peak wind in a layer between 3 and 6K with lighter flow above that.
The Tuesday forecast is calling for continued record hot surface temperatures and a little less wind, but we do expect some wind at launch and on course. Expecting less east wind further west with some light on-shore flow pulling in down low toward the west end as the day ages.

Not really a record setting day because you can’t go east past Ojai, and there is on-shore flow to contend with later in the day on the west end of the course. I think the probability of getting back to SB from Ojai is high. The milk run shouldn’t take long, and the day should work late, so the big question is… then what…

The switch seems to start late Tuesday, but the switch kicks in more on Wednesday. The west end of the course had some onshore flow down low on Monday, which should become a little more each day. By Wednesday, Santa Barbara is mostly west and Ojai is only light east. The surface temperature cools but the lapse rate looks good all week with no capping inversion, so max altitudes will vary with the terrain height. By Thursday, the onshore flow is reaching the Ojai Valley in the afternoon and the lapse rate fades some but still isn’t inverted. The lapse rate in SB gets a little weaker on Wednesday but still ok, then on Thursday, it looks week below ridgeline, but not inverted, so you might be able to claw up by strategically benching back?
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Tuesday Report

Postby bb_secretary » Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:37 am

Mitch Riley set a new out and return record from Nordhoff Peak Launch by flying westbound to Painted Cave and back east of launch to land at Boccali’s Restaurant in east Ojai. Ben Jordan was first off and landed at Parma. Tom Truax had vario trouble and landed for a hike in the heat (over 100 degrees F) just west of Hwy 33. Peter Weldon ran into a stiff draw off launch and landed on the spine several hundred yards in front of launch. Leon Roullard had a roller coaster flight through some sink, turb, and sharp-edged lift to land at Matilija School. Willy Dydo and Mike Harrington flew their Hang Gliders from Santa Barbara to White Ledge and back.

See also: Mitch Riley’s flight archive with Doarama Animation, Overview Image, and KMZ file at:

The Dodger beat the Astro’s in the first game of the World Series 3 to 1
Copied from the SBSA Chat Box

Posted by Benjamin Jordan at 1:50
Landed safe at parma. West wind was too balls to keep going. Thanks guys!!! B

Posted by Mitch Riley at a quarter past 9 on Tuesday night
Fun, Interesting and rewarding day with the Eagle Van. 5 pulots launched Nordhoff Peak. Ben flew to Parma, nice one Ben. I flew to Painted Cave and back to Ojai. The flight started with significant ENE. Regularly getting 6.5 K till the powerlines. Then finding the West wind from Romero on, and climbs to 4.5k in the fishbowl. Thanks to Ray for driving and Tom for sharing wisdom.
Posted by Benjamin Jordan 9:19 PM
Wow Mitch! I regret not going back to Ojai in the west. Great work!
Posted by Willy Dydo at 8:45 am the following morning:
Great day in the Fly Away Hang Gliding wagon from skyport/ eliminator! Congratulations to Steve for his first flight to Padaro, and Theresa for her first flight to Padaro, almost. Mike and I were able to make it to white ledge and back to east beach getting over 7k. I was able to do the task on the way back. Great flights from Ojai guys! Looks good again today!
Willly looking West at Noon Peak from West Divide
Posted by Leon at 8:50 am the following morning:
Not everyone got high yesterday: :shock:
Leon barely clearing the SE spine that runs down from Nordhoff Ridge to Bruce's Point

Very challenging air at Nordhoff. I ended up flushing down the gully to the east out to Ojai. Halfway across town landed at Matilija School.
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Wednesday Reports

Postby bb_secretary » Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:29 pm

Wednesday Reports copied from the SBSA Chat Box
Posted by Mitch Riley at 6:53 am
... Eagle Van 10 am Parma
Posted by Benjamin Jordan at 12:39 PM
Landed safe at 101 and San Marcos rd. Anybody up for a drive :)
Posted by Leon: at 12:42 PM
Beautiful day today...
Leon just east of Hwy 154
Posted by Chris Clontz at 1:39 PM
Back of the rack from about VOR to Romero was on as early as 11:30 today. 6500 tops behind Therm Factory. Light west wind above ridge line made it pretty easy to head east; some still headed that way now. Very crystal clear day :)
Posted by Mitch Riley at 5:50 PM
Fantastic day from EJ with the Eagle Van. A full load went up and everybody flew. Heights of 5k+ in the fishbowl and 7k+ east of the powerlines. Congrats to all the people who flew inspiring flights. Willy did the task twice, in an hour, then went to the Topa Topas, turned around and landed near Casitas Res.. Neal flew to Fillmore. They both reported finding 15ish mph of east wind around the Topas. Super cool to see so many happy pilots getting it today!
Posted by Benjamin Jordan at 8:17 PM
Thanks for the good times everyone! I gotta bounce. B :
The Dodgers lost to Houston in the 2nd Game of the World Series by the score of 7-6 in 11 innings after carrying a 3-2 lead into the top of the 9th.
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Thursday Reports

Postby bb_secretary » Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:45 pm

Thursday Reports copied from the SBSA Chat Box
Posted by Dilan Benedetti at 8 AM
Van going up at 9:30 from Parma.
Posted by Drew Quine at 11:15 AM
How’s it looking at the top?
Posted by Chris Ballmer at 11:54 AM
Posted by Joe Greef at 12:14 PM
2 above ej right now
Posted by David Hogan at 1:18 PM
The thermals are blown apart and kind of spanky. Me and Bob Peloquin were able to top out right around 4100' over EJ Bowl, R&R, and the front of the Thermal Factory. We landed east beach with Pete Richner
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