Big Sur Fall Camping and Flying trip!

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Big Sur Fall Camping and Flying trip!

Postby sbkiter » Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:42 pm

Nov 6th – 8th

It’s that time again to head up to beautiful Big Sur for our semi-annual camping/flying trip. So get your camping gear dusted off, flying gear ready and come on out and join us for the weekend!!!

We’ve got a two big group camping spots at Plaskett Creek campground, so bring your family and friends!

Carpooling is highly encouraged, plenty of tent space but limited parking spots in the groups sites.

Big Sur is appropriate for all levels of pilots and partiers.

There will be a potluck on Saturday night for those who wish to participate.

Plaskett Creek Campground
Getting There:
GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
35.91722, -121.465
35°55’2″N, 121°27’54″W

From San Luis Obispo, take Highway 1 north for approximately 60 miles to the campground.

From Monterey, take Highway 1 south for approximately 55 miles to the campground.
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Re: Big Sur Fall Camping and Flying trip!

Postby sbkiter » Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:43 pm

A few notes for the SBSA Big Sur trip this weekend! Weather looks great!
Please bring firewood and more firewood! (Yes, the website for Plaskett Creek Campground says we can have fires in the provided fire pits) If everyone brings a little we will have plenty to get through both nights.
Bring musical instruments for the jam sessions around the campfire!
There will be a potluck on Saturday night around the upper campfire starting around 6pm. Bring a little to share and enjoy the awesome food fest.
Carpool, carpool, carpool! It will save you money for the camping fees. For the group sites it will be same as previous SBSA trips, $25 for two nights or $15 for one night per car (I.e., if you car pool with 4 people and stay 2 nights it will cost $6.25 person, if you drive alone and stay 2 nights you pay $25). I will be collecting on Sat night so please help me out with having cash ready when you see me collecting. Thanks!
Have some extra cash for those rides to launch, compensate those who are willing to take their vehicles to launch!
We have received a message from the Bay Area club that the rangers are concerned about the state of launch. They said there has been a lot of trash and people using the surrounding areas as their personal bathroom. I've always believed our group is pretty good and respectful about cleaning up after themselves where ever they go but in order to keep our launch access for this beautiful area open we would like to ask you to please pack out any trash or waste(yes, all waste). So bring some plastic bags, trash bags, maybe some disposable gloves to help out with keeping launch as clean as possible. We can even do a little clean up while we para-wait. Thanks for understanding and looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.
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Re: Big Sur Fall Camping and Flying trip!

Postby NMERider » Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:56 am

Chris Eyre-Walker posted an awesome photo album of the event:
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