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Postby andy » Thu Aug 07, 2008 6:08 pm

Just got back from a 3 week trip that had the Chelan XC open, Pre-PWC in the middle. Started off in SLC by getting skunked with weather, Then off to Chelan with Brad, and Kevin H.. We arrived late Wed. and were lucky to snag one of the few remaining camp sites at the Bebee bridge campground. What a cool place to stay right on the Columbia river. Other pilots were dribbling in over the next few days, and as it turned out we had about 7 camps all together on one end with some other clusters throughout.

The pre comp flying was on! We had an out and back day of about 60k, and two days of acro over the butte, while other pilots flew longish flights.

The comp started on Monday with a decent 1/2 triangle task, I launched late and had a hell of a time getting up, never getting very high and leaving low, late, and alone. I got what they call a rim job, unable to get high enough at the rim to get out in the flat fields and get established.

Next task I launched first or second only to once again not get up. A few of us that launched early either landed early or were able to ridge soar until the bowl released -just as I was landing. I was feeling pretty pathetic now, so I decided to get a ride back up to launch and see if I really had forgotten how to fly. Anyway 21/2 hours later I felt much better.

We had a few weather days, then the final day was looking good, clouds were pooping all over as we started launching, I was one of the first and got boosted straight to base right off lauch, it was fun flying in the gaggle with everybody for an hour or so before the start, did I say the task was 120K!, Glad I had a catheter. Anyway about 5 minutes from the start Hayden, Brad, and I are at the top of the stack in good position, when the bottom fell out of our thermal and we were sinking like stones. Trying to recover some of our altitude we were all fishhing at the start and ended up behind a big group. We crossed the river and were able to get up and established. Then I was just trying to chase down gliders. It was soooo cool with all the wings in the air and clouds checkering the sky about 6000 feet over the fields below. Their were different lines being tried getting to the first turn, then it went down to only a couple of lines going crosswind, an into the wind line, or a drifting with the wind line. I took the more drifting line because it looked like base was raising the more downwind, and it just seemed fast, I was never very downwind of course line but I was downwind of the lead gaggle. The last climb on the crosswind Jeff Wishnie and I got a ripper that went to around 11.3. This put us above the shear and into a slight tailwind that was pushing us at about 55kph on trim. As we were coming into the second turn the lead gaggle was below us and coming from the other direction. They tagged and turned back on course while we had about 1.5 k to go as I was tagging the turn Brad showed up below me and we headed out on the same line and found something just as we crossed the canyon below. We were climbing together now with Kari, Jeff was having a little urinary problem behind us. I looked out and saw the leaders specking out in an incredibly strong looking climb, which left a huge blue hole in its wake as we were approaching, so it was fend for yourself time so we all kind of split and leap frogged for the next 15k. I finally got some thing that took me to base and line y up with a cloud-street that I was able to surf for about 10-12 k without turning once. I then got on direct line to goal with 6:1 needed, I thought I could make it and had a good glide going when I crossed over the top of Marty, and Nicks thermal I took a couple of bonus turns, then continued, it was looking pretty close as I was approaching the power lines before the rim so I took one mare little climb, as Marty was coming from below and Nick was at my altitude he flew by I took out after him I couldn't make up any ground on him but was able to put some distance on Marty as he couldn't get quite as aggressive on bar being pretty close to the ground. We as e crossed the rim we got big boosts and cama into goal about 6-700 feet high. What a great flight, about 4:22 on course and 1.2 before start.

Great way to finish.

After Arriving back in SLC, we were treated to a great day at Inspo, with base at 14k and flight back to the point with much longer distances available.

Next comp, Nats in the Owens, Sept. 14-20

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