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Northern California Sprint League 2016

Postby jug » Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:24 pm

Registration is now open for the 2016 Northern California Spring League.

The first event for the 2016 Northern California Sprint League will be held on 26th and 27th of March at Dunlap.

This league is designed for lower airtime pilots who wish to learn how to fly cross country by flying designated routes with other pilots. (More experienced pilots may wish to join the Northern California Cross Country League for flying longer tasks). Typical tasks for the SPRIINT league will be less than 30 km and will focus on more fishbowl type flying where pilots can learn how to fly cross country tasks.

The SPRINT league is open to pilots flying EN-A and EN-B gliders. Those flying with EN-C gliders are welcome to attend but may not be scored. Pilots must have a P3 or above rating, be comfortable thermaling with other pilots and be able to find a safe landing field without instruction.

The first weekend for the SPRINT league will be held on 26th and 27th March at Dunlap. Accommodation has been arranged at St Nicholas Ranch. ... a7276e5f89

The cost for this weekend is $60 and this covers rides to launch and retrieves. During the weekend there will be lectures on:
- preparation for a SPRINT weekend (some of this will be covered at the Bay Area Paragliding Association Meeting this week)
- setting up your GPS/vario
- uploading waypoints
- downloading tracks
- submitting tracks for scoring
- flying a task
- flying as a team
- pimping (my favorite)
- use of repeaters
- post task review of flights including use of Doarama
and much much more.

These lectures will given by Jugdeep Aggarwal and the other mentors.

The weekend will be combination of lectures, flights, reviews and beer. Lectures will start at 8am on Saturday morning at the ranch.

More details will be posted through the google group.!forum ... int-league
This group can also be used for co-ordinating rides etc etc

To attend this weekend all pilots must register through this link: ... admin.html

Please fill out this form to confirm your attendance at the event at Dunlap in March ... rm?c=0&w=1

Payment for the weekend $60 (excluding St Nicholas Ranch fees) can be made via paypal to Jug (

There is a webpage for the SPRINT league:

4 events in March, April May and June. Those wanting to continue to fly league events are encouraged to fly the XC league.
Events will be held at Dunlap, Potato Hill and maybe Tollhouse.

Payment for the April, May and June events will $15 per task and these will be prepaid before the event. The March event will be $60. For those not prepaying it will be $20 per task. Any pilot getting designated league vehicles from launch will be given $20. A pilot can prepay for all 4 events for a total cost of $130 saving $20. If a task gets cancelled pilots will get a prorated refund.

All task submission will be automated and online. You will be able to see your track and your score immediately. Note that your score will change as other pilots submit tracks.....

It is anticipated that through participation of the SPRINT league pilots will be more comfortable flying tasks and be ready to fly the longer and more demanding tasks of the Cross Country League.

Feel free to ask questions:

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