Big Sur Spring 2012 Trip - April 13-15

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Big Sur Spring 2012 Trip - April 13-15

Postby Tyrone » Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:06 am

Hey Ya'll, just a reminder that the 2012 Big Sur Spring Trip is next weekend! Feel free to post any questions or comments here, or on the SBSA Facebook account if you are a Facebooker.

SBSA Facebook:

We also have a page on the SBSA Website with general information:

Hope to see you all there!
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Re: Big Sur Spring 2012 Trip - April 13-15

Postby skyoutgirl » Wed Apr 18, 2012 6:55 pm

Although the turn-out was much lower than usual (due to weather fears), the one day of flying we got this year was the best many of us have had in Big Sur. We hung out Saturday, watching the white caps from our protected camp site. Many people took strolls down to the beach, and a few hopeful hangies even drove to the lower launch. Needless to say, the drinks came out pretty early Saturday and the festivities carried far into the night. Martin Palmaz, Executive Director of USHPA joined us and spent some time talking about and answering our questions regarding the recent issues at USHPA. (Yes, he did get to fly and saw his GLORY for the first time..very happy guy!) We went to sleep that night, knowing the next day brought big things. The wind was no longer howling through the trees as anxious pilots chugged water before finding their sleeping spot. We rallied the Eagle Van around 9:30, getting up to launch in the 11:00 hour sometime. It was blowing in nicely and a few guys were already thermaling above launch height. I launched after helping Ty get our newbies settled in the sky. Flying down the spine, I hit the thermal that had been boosting people all morning. I made rounds with various folks on PG and HG, climbing over launch 5-6 times. Easily could have top landed many times had I chosen. When the last few (hungover) hangies were piling off launch, I was getting cold and the clouds were starting to fill in down range. The last few of us peeled out for the front ridge, getting a super buoyant and smooth glide all the way past the surf. I cruised down the shoreline for a while, taking in the bright blue waters, capes and stirring water. Ended up at the LZ with enough altitude to dive back to the clouds by camp and drag a wing-tip through the whispy edges before heading back upwind of the LZ (with loads of altitude still). Got the chance to play with some wingovers and asymmetric spirals on the Summit XC2, I'm definitely a little timid with that, it flies so different than gliders I'm used to doing tricks on.
Sometime we have to pretend like we are ground bound people, and go camping for the fun of camping. The epic flight was such a gift to get in return! I mean, going on a cocktail hike with your friends is a darn fun time!
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