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Postby Kelly S » Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:53 pm

Dean to

The 2011 schedule has been worked out. The schedule is front loaded to try and take advantage of the potential of the spring conditions. You'll also notice the venues have been expanded. It's an optimistic quest but we'll try to fly Santa Barbara in the first round. If the weather looks bad prior to the event we may fall back on Marshall (Ol' Faithful). Soboba and San Diego are the 2nd and 3rd rounds. and again, in the weather looks bad we may fall back on Marshall. I'm hoping for the best so we can explore some new territory. Dunlap and the Owens Valley will be combined meets with the Nor Cal league, and dependable Marshall will carry us through the tough months of summer.

If you participated in any of the events last year I have your registration on file, and you don't have to register again this year as long as your personal info hasn't changed. If it has changed, please send in a new registration form. Forms are on the website. If you didn't participate last year you'll need to send your registration in asap. Please don't send the form in last minute, I won't have time to process it. DO NOT send me a release of liability, you'll fill that form out at the first event you attend.

I'll be updating the website with info over the next couple weeks, including waypoints and maps. If some of you could post on your local club forums announcing the events prior to the meets that would save me a lot of time. Please help spread the word to get the ball rolling.

2011 Schedule
April 9-10 Santa Barbara (Marshall as backup)
April 23-24 Soboba (Marshall as backup)
May 7-8 San Diego (Marshall as backup)
June 11-12 Dunlap (combined meet)
July 16-17 Marshall
Aug 6-7 Marshall
Sept 17-18 Marshall
Sept/Oct ? Owens (combined meet)

See you in just under 3 weeks

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